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Oman Telecommunication Company (Omantel) would like to draw the attention of its valued customers that the company is in receipt of several complaints from its fixed-line subscribers inquiring about unknown international calls which appears in their monthly bills as well as complaints regarding mobile handset viruses. As a part of Omantel's dedication to protect its subscribers, you are advised to consider the following steps while browsing the internet or using your mobile phones:

Continuously updating of the anti-virus and anti spam (software) in computer.

Avoid linking to precarious sites while surfing the internet.

Ensure that barring international contact feature (PIN) is functioning while browsing.


Ensure that you log off a computer that will be left unattended for a long period of time, and unplug the modem after internet session.


For protection of your handset, you are advised to avoid installing any unexpected applications received by MMS message from any senders including your friends. Viruses, such as Comwarrior (a mobile phone virus) replicate by sending itself to nearby Bluetooth devices as well as via MMS..


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