Omantel’s criteria
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Omantel's criteria for selecting CSR projects:

  • Sustainable projects: project is not a one-time effort, it is something that is extended for generations,
  • Applicant must focus in one or more of the Omantel CSR areas:
    - Health, Safety & Environment   
    - Social Partnership & Charitable Projects 
  • Applicant provides services and benefits to communities within the Sultanate of Oman.


  • Projects where the grant has no specific use or is used for general operational expenses.
  • Individuals / families, travel expenses, debt reduction

As much as we are focused on creating value for our shareholders by maintaining a sound business and financial performance, our Company is also committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and  enriching people's lives in the Sultanate through our CSR initiatives.  We concentrate on three focus areas: Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), ICT, Social Partnership & Charitable Projects.

In supporting and implementing CSR initiatives, we utilize our own experience, reach and resources and work closely with our partners including government institutions, private sector organizations and non-profit organizations, to ensure that the aspired positive impact on the society is realized. 

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