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‏برنامج مشاهدة محتويات الانترنت‏

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‏برنامج مشاهدة محتويات الانترنت‏


“Omantel Wal Awael” contributes to strengthening intergenerational communication

“The program’s 4th edition in Sohar met with success and positive interaction” 

Omantel has successfully completed its fourth edition of the “Omantel Wal Awael” program by training 30 elderly people on the use of modern technology. The initiative, which has been found as a result of Omantel’s firm belief in the importance of Internet and social media, comes in a bid to enhance the ability of elderly people to communicate with younger generations. The program has been implemented in cooperation with Omani Association for Elderly Friends.

“Omantel Wal Awael” is a training and entertainment program that was first launched in 2014, in an effort to familiarize the elderly with the latest means of communication, information programs and train them on how to use smart devices in their daily lives. The fourth edition builds on the success of the three previous editions in Muscat, Dhofar and North A'Sharqiyah Governorates.

Laila Mohammed Al Wahaibi, CSR Manager at Omantel, said that a total of 127 elderly people have been trained in the four editions. They were trained by some Omantel’s employees on the basics of using smart phones and social media platforms. 

She further said, “We have witnessed a great interaction and enthusiasm from the elderly with the initiative in the Wilayat of Sohar. We discovered that they are really keen to learn and get to know the smart phones' applications that can be used in their daily lives to strengthen their ability to be in touch with their family members and friends.”

“We are truly happy to provide our services to individuals and institutions, and contribute to the efforts made to achieve sustainability and bridge the digital gap”, Added Al Wahaibi. 

Al Wahaibi has praised the role of the association and the efforts it has made to ensure the success of the initiative from the early beginning and up to date. She also thanked Omantel’s staff who volunteered to take part in this initiative. 

According to Al Wahaibi, the training program is being further developed “In response to the very positive feedback and great interaction from the elderly, we are currently working on developing the program to be longer and more detailed in familiarizing the elderly with latest technologies of smart phones, which will enable them to use these smartphones more efficiently”.   

Khadija Mohammed Al-Ghaithi, Director of Omani Association for Elderly Friends in North Al Batinah Governorate, has acknowledged Omantel’s program role in building bridges of communication between the elderly and the rest of society, “We are very pleased to cooperate with Omantel, which spares no effort in serving the community through various initiatives. The association is making strong efforts to achieve societal goals for the elderly who are an important group of our community, with the support of Omani volunteers and private sector organizations. We have no doubts that such efforts will contribute to the training of elderly people on the use of smart phones’ application”, she commented. 

Ibrahim Al Ajmi, a volunteer who works at Omantel, said “Until today, I have always had the impression that modern technologies, including social media platforms, are meant to be used by youngsters and are not suitable for the elderly. However, witnessing this great interaction and eagerness from the elderly toward modern technologies have made me change my view completely, especially when it comes to using social media which have proven to be important for them to keep in touch with the society”. 

Abdullah Al Zaabi, an elderly, commented “I have learnt how to use smartphones and the applications that are the most important to my social life, like WhatsApp to easily keep in touch with my children. In the past, we did not have any such technologies and contacting our beloved ones was hard. Today, communication has become a lot easier. I would like to thank Omantel for this initiative, we are now closer to the youth. 

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