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Omantel launches new program to promote a healthy lifestyle with Apple Watch

Muscat – September 17, 2023: Omantel, the leading provider of integrated telecommunication services in the Sultanate of Oman, is launching a new program to promote a healthy lifestyle.  Customers can use Apple Watch to earn Makasib points by closing their Move, Exercise, and Stand Activity rings.  Point targets are automatically adjusted within the app to make them achievable for everyone, regardless of their current levels of activity, and over time will gradually adjust based on performance. 

This service is free to Omantel’s customers. They only need to have an Apple Watch, or other compatible smartwatch, and join the program through Omantel App.

Sara Al Busaidi, Manager of Devices at Omantel, said, “Omantel strongly believes that being active and exercising helps people to stay healthy and contributes towards their quality of life. This program is aimed at promoting positive engagement and better health, with the added incentive of earning Makasib loyalty points based on meeting monthly physical activity goals. This is a great way of utilising technology to promote a healthy lifestyle.”

The Sehati program, leveraging the Globant BeHealthy platform, is available with Apple Watch on iOS, and with other compatible smartwatches on Android platforms. Users will first opt into the program via Omantel App, activate their Sehati account, grant access to HealthKit (or to other smartwatches), and then start the program.  All physical activity will contribute towards their daily targets, and for each day they achieve their target they will earn a star.  Every star gets the user closer to the monthly goal and the Makasib points reward. 

Omantel will reward customers for achieving their target through Omantel loyalty points. Customers can redeem points for the following: Telecom services (Free minutes, Free internet usage (GB), Bill discount, Prepaid Top-up), Draw promotion where points can be redeemed as draw gifts, and Omantel loyalty partners (Fuel, Food delivery, airline points exchange, and many others).

The program was developed to be used with powerful privacy protections on every iPhone and Apple Watch, and users have full control over their data and whom it is shared with.

It is remarkable to note the concept of 'Sehati' emerged as the winner of the Omantel Innovation Labs Big Data Hackathon from the preceding year. The hackathon served as a catalyst for highlighting innovation and nurturing entrepreneurship within Oman, all under the guiding light of Omantel's Innovation Labs.

Omantel has succeeded, through the integration of its operations, processes, and extensive expertise in the field of communications and digital technology, in establishing its position as a leading telecommunications company within the Sultanate of Oman and beyond. The company's innovative approaches have contributed to providing the latest solutions to various consumer and business sectors. The company aims to deliver an unparalleled, exceptional experience to its subscribers and strives to always exceed their expectations. Omantel works towards contributing to the achievement of Oman Vision 2040 objectives by investing in emerging technologies and providing cutting-edge solutions in modern technology, information and communications technology, such as cloud solutions, ICT solutions, AI, Smart solutions, cybersecurity, and much more, in addition to harnessing its technological capabilities to enhance innovation and leadership in new and advanced technologies.