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Fixed-Mobile CPN

world of benefits

Doing business has never been easier with Omantel’s Fixed-Mobile CPN. The service conveniently links your business’ offices and branches in Oman with a single bundle that enables unlimited free calls within the organization. What’s more, with Fixed-Mobile CPN you’ll save on outgoing calls too, minimizing your spend and maximizing your profits.

Monthly Charges
Circuits and Block No. Installation (OMR) Monthly Rental (OMR)
10 Channels 200 90
20 Channels 200 105
30 Channels 200 120
100 Block No - 16.65
ISDN PRI- Mobile CPN - 5 per channel

Calls Charges

  Tariff Per Minute (Bz)
ISDN-PRI to ISDN PRI ( Same Company with different PRI) Free
ISDN-PRI to Omantel Mobile CPN same Company Free
Omantel Mobile CPN to ISDN-PRI same Company Free
ISDN-PRI to all Omantel Fixed lines 9
ISDN-PRI to Oman Mobile & Other Operators 30


  • The Service will be applicable within the same company/ group only.
  • In order to be eligible for the Fixed Mobile Service, Corporate Customer Needs to be a NAMA CPN contracted customer.
  • Existing ISDN-PRI and NAMA CPN tariff plans will remain unchanged.

How to Apply

  1. Print and Fill out the Application Form (PDF).
  2. Provide the following:
    • A signed and sealed guarantee letter from the establishment undertaking to settle all bills related to the service.
      (This must be on the official original letterhead print)
    • Verified copy of Commercial Registration Certificate
    • Verified copy of Authorized Signature
    • Verified copy of PRO’s ID and Labour Card
    • A letter of authorization from the establishment to the PRO
    • Company’s seal

If you are already a Nama client, please contact your account manager.
If you are a new customer, please contact our corporate sales team at:

For more information call 24 24 2888 or email us at