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SAP Business One

Omantel now offers SAP Business One solution. It is an affordable way for small and mid-sized enterprises (SME) to run their entire resource planning from this state-of-the-art locally hosted platform. One application provides you with a full control of all your main business areas including financial, sales, customer relationship management, vendor relationship management, inventory, purchasing, planning and reporting. Our solution application was developed to fit small-and-medium-sized businesses.

SAP Business One solution helps organizations drive customer value, loyalty and profitability across the entire value chain.

SAP Business One’s solution benefits:


  • Lower costs by minimizing training requirements: Omantel solution can be up and running within 2-8 weeks as a single application. The intuitive user experience minimizes user training and reduces the cost of ongoing IT support. It even includes hyperlinks for free online video training in context of the related screens.
  • Enterprise Search – Find any data instantly:  Put your business information into a single data source, so you can instantly access up-to-date information. As an example, enter an invoice number and the system will show you where it appears in any transactions.
  • Focus on your business and save time:  Don’t waste time trying to use and figure out complex software. Our solution been designed & scale with user-friendly customization tools and over 550 add-on solutions to meet your specific business needs.
  • Productivity & efficiency: Centralize and integrate your entire business in one system.
  • Easy and fast management: managing revenue, expenses and most importantly, cash flow, easy and fast so you can quickly respond to changing business and market conditions.



For further enquiries, please contact our sales team at ictsolutions@omantel.om





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