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Wireless Fixed Business Broadband

Wireless Fixed Business Broadband

Omantel brings to you a unique experience with Wireless Business Broadband. With up to 1000 GB of data, enjoy our affordable and hassle-free ‘plug and play’ Internet, no installation needed. Pick from the four diverse plans and get connected instantly.


  • Non-stop internet service.
  • Additional and distinctive data.
  • Up to 10 Mbps download speed.
  • Plug and play


Price 12 months contract (GB) 24 months contract (GB)
20 65 100
24 150 250
33 300 450
47 600 1000

More Data Packages

Package 5GB 50GB 100GB
Price 5 OMR 20 OMR 29 OMR

Terms and conditions

  • You have to sign a 12 or 24 months commitment contract and you will get a free modem.
  • The download speed will be 512Kbps after you consume all the data in your plan. To get higher data speeds again you can subscribe to additional data plans (mentioned below) by dialling *288*fixed line No#
  • You can downgrade and upgrade between Wireless business broadband plans at any time.
  • Existing WFBB customer’s data allowance will be changed automatically by giving them extra GBs Depending on the current package.
  • Change business location (within the scope of service coverage). Available for RO 1.
  • Permeant Offer
  • Existing customers can upgrade to the new plans through the outlets and they will not be charged for early termination fees.
Period of termination Within the 1st half period of contract Within the 3rd quarter period of contract Within the 4th quarter period of contract
Charge of terminating Business Broadband Value of 3 months plan subscription Value of 2 months plan subscription Value of 1 month plan subscription