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Cyber Cafe

Pre-approval is required from Omantel & other Governmental agencies before proceeding with the Internet Cyber Cafe Services. Click here to view the form.

Setup Fees and Monthly Subscription

  1. Dialup Connection
    Setup Fee (OMR) Monthly Charges (OMR) Number of Hours per Month Excess Hours per hour
    10/- 81/- 300 hours 0.270 Baisa
  2. ISDN & ADSL Internet Connection
    If you want faster internet connection speed in your cyber Cafe, apply for an ISDN services or ADSL.
    For more information about ISDN, click here.
    For more information about ADSL, click here.


    Document Microsoft Word Adobe PDF
    Terms & Conditions download download
    Additional Information download download
    Apply for Cyber Cafe download download
  3. Leased Line Connection
    • High speed Internet access ranging till 64Kbps
  4. Useful documents