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Add the power of Unlimited Fixed Business Broadband to speed up your business with the brand new range of Omantel Broadband packages. With 7 packages to enhance performance, productivity and reactivity, all connections come with state-of-the-art security and confidentiality solutions directly embedded into your email solution.

Unlimited Fixed Business Broadband customers can now save on outgoing calls with FREE calls between fixed lines and mobile lines that are registered under the same company by using the Fixed Mobile CPN feature.


Omantel provides 7 Unlimited Fixed Business Broadband Packages which are:

Package Monthly Subscription (OMR) Download - Up to(Mbps) Upload - Up to (Mbps) Email Accounts Calls to Omantel mobile (minutes) Discount on International Calls  
One Year Contract Two Years Contract
4Mbps 45 N/A 2-4 1 5 150 10% Apply
10Mbps 100 70 8-10 1-2 10 200 15% Apply
20Mbps 200 140 16-20 1-5 15 250 20% Apply
50Mbps 400 280 50 12 25 350 25% Apply
100Mbps 500 350 100 25 30 500 30 % Apply
200Mbps 900 630 200 50 35 1,000 35% Apply
300Mbps 1,300 910 300 75 35 1, 0 00 35% Apply

Corporate Static IP Addresses

Facility Installation charge (OMR) Monthly Subscription charge (OMR)
Per Static IP address 10 40



  • Unlimited data usage.
  • Free FBB Wi-Fi router.
  • Fixed-line monthly subscription fee is included.
  • Unlimited calls to all Omantel fixed line subscribers.
  • Up to 1,000 minutes free calls to Omantel mobile subscribers.
  • Up to 35% discount on International calls.
  • Up to 35 free email accounts.




  • Subscriber will be offered the highest possible download and upload speed on the best effort basis.
  • Internal wiring in your building, the firewall configuration on your PC, your location, the type of contents and distance to Wi-Fi and access point will impact the actual speed
  • Fair Usage Policy applies.
  • Omantel will provide(F-F) Unlimited Free minutes from Omantel fixed line to Omantel fixed line.
  • The (F-M) free minutes provided above – based on the package – are for calls from Omantel fixed line to Omantel mobile line.
  • Omantel is determined to provide all of our customers the best possible broadband experience.


Terms and Conditions

  • One-year Contract: For early termination of service, customer should provide a three months' notice period
  • Two Years Contract:
    • For early termination of service, termination in the first year of the service:
      • Customer will be charged the difference between one year and two years' contract monthly subscription for the stayed period (monthly subscription of one year contract - monthly subscription of two years' contract) multiplied by the stayed period.
      • Customer should provide a three months' notice period. During the notice period the customer will be charged one year contract monthly subscription
    • For early termination of service, termination in the second year of the service, customer should provide a three months' notice period.
    • Fair Usage Policy of 2000 minutes applies for each subscription.
    • Mobile Nama and Fixed Line numbers must be registered under the same company


To apply for Fixed Business Broadband you may

For more information about Business Broad Band, call 1235 or email us at

Educational/ Social Fixed Business Broadband

As a part of our commitment to the digital revolution, Omantel's Education & Social Fixed Business Broadband plans offers the Government, private educational sector and charities new packages the power of choice. That is why we offer a suite of broadband packages that continuously deliver high-speed access for your business.

Fixed Line BUSINESS Services

Stay connected with customers, partners and suppliers at all times with Omantel’s fixed line services. For only 7.9 OMR per month, enjoy UNLIMITED local calls and watch your business grow.What's more, give your business the edge with many add-ons including Call Barring,