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Extra Data

Choose the extra that suits your data consumption




3 OR

1 GB

5 OR

5 GB

10 OR

10 GB

15 OR

30 GB*

25 OR

50 GB*

39 OR

*Data plans coming with data sharing

What is Data sharing?

Omantel understands that with time not only customer's usage has increased but customer's personal devices have increased too. Omantel introduces data sharing plans whereby customers can get upto 2 extra data sims with their primary sim. .

With a small charge of RO1 per extra sim per month customer gets the convenience to subscribe to one data plan and use it over multiple devices.

All notifications, communication will be over the primary sim

  • All extras are auto renewed every month
  • To subscribe; send SMS on 90087 with keyword B and select Baqati Extra from the menu