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MMS Channels

Entertainment Services

Get content from your favorite shows via WAP Push Channels from Omantel. Download one or more preview guides and enjoy the wide variety of entertainment options.

Subscription Details

Subscription Type Command Example
To subscribe Send: SUB followed by the channel code to 90344 SUB pictures
To know the channels' code Send: L to 90344 L
To pull a channel Send: Channel Code to 90344 pictures
To cancel subscription Send: UNSUB followed by the channel code to 90344 UNSUB pictures
For help Send: HELP to 90344 HELP
Channel Channel Command
World in Pictures - WAPPUSH PICTURES
Celebrity News - WAPPUSH Celeb
Celebrity and Mashaheer News - WAPPUSH 10
Sports in Pictures - WAPPUSH 12
Sports in Pictures and Al Riyada fe Sowar (7 slides) - WAPPUSH Sports
Fun and Mara7 (3 slides) - WAPPUSH Fun
Love and 7ub (3 slides) - WAPPUSH Love
Songs and Aghani - WAPPUSH Songs
Feng Shui Tips - WAPPUSH Feng
Decoration Tips - WAPPUSH Decor
Recipe of the Day and Wasfet el Youm - WAPPUSH 25

Fashion and Moda - WAPPUSH


Cars and Sayarat - WAPPUSH



  • Each subscription fee is OMR 1.5 per month.
  • 200 Baiza per pull request.