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This year's Ramadan campaign 1444 AH, is a continuation of our last message which was launched in Ramadan 1443 AH: It is up to you to start changing your story and other stories in the community around us.

The campaign targets the following governorates: Muscat, Dhafar, Al Batinah, Al-Sharqiya, and Al-Dakhiliya

With your blood donation, you can save the lives of 3 people and change the story of entire families.

Join us in our national blood donation campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the central blood banks, starting on 9 April 2023 to April 12, 2023.

Conditions for donating blood:

  • 18 years old or higher and weigh more than 50 kg
  • Have not suffered from any heart, arteries, or any blood disease problems.
  • During the past 4 months, hajama was not performed - get Chinese needles (acupuncture) - get a tattoo – or get a body or ear piercing.
  • Not suffering from any infectious diseases, such as Hepatitis B, C virus, AIDS, or syphilis.
  • Have not done any surgery or blood transfusion in the last year.
  • Have not traveled to any country where malaria, dengue fever, or marburg virus was spread over the last four months.

If you meet the requirements mentioned above, then you are eligible to donate! Register now and donate – remember, with one bag of blood, you can save 3 lives!

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Thank you for considering donating blood. Your contribution can saves lives and make significant difference in the lives of those in need.

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