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We’ve launched multiple initiatives to assist you in this difficult time

Omantel FAQ – COVID 19

What are Omantel’s call center hours?

Omantel’s call centre is a 24/7 operations center, we can also support you through our social media channels 24/7.

How can I pay my bill?

How can I top-up my hayyak card?

You can top up your card through Omantel’s app.

What can I do through Omantel’s app?

  • My Omantel
    • Check your balance and top-up (Recharge your Hayyak Balance).
    • Check your bills and make a payment
    • Monitor your usage (Data, Calls, SMS)
    • Manage your plan
  • New Baqati Plans
  • Makasib
    • Join Makasib program
    • Monitor your Makasib points
    • Redeem your points
    • Get to know our partners
    • Follow Makasib special offers
  • Makasib points redemption history
  • For You
    • Explore Omantel offers
    • Purchase a gift card
    • Subscribe to entertainment services
    • Get the best deals selected for you
    • Add and manage other numbers
  • Value transfer
    • Top-up other numbers
    • Make a money transfer
    • Pay any bill
  • Request for top-up

Can I buy a phone through Omantel’s Eshop?

Yes you can and it will be delivered to your home within 24 hours for Muscat 48 hours outside Muscat.

Can you deliver services to my doorstep?

  • Sim Cards (Replacement & activation pre and postpaid)
  • Wireless Fiber broad band
  • 5G modem
  • Wireless Modem (Sim card 10GB)
  • Request for Opt in (Pre-paid)

What is Omantel doing to help education to transition to remote learning?

  • We have whitelisted all the websites that end with edu.om, the list can be found here: link
  • We have also collaborated with the Ministry of Education and facilitated the enablement of google classrooms to ease E-learning.

I lost my SIM card. How can I get a new one?

What are the programs enabled to ease working from home?

Skype for Business, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex.