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Convert Makasib Points into TM! Done credit

To provide Makasib subscribers with new redemption options in exchange to their Makasib points to TM! Done credit. TM! done is a great solution for stunning food delivery websites, café and restaurants. With all essential food delivery features, including fast and easy ordering options, you will be able to use TM! done with credit through Makasib!

How to Convert

Makasib points can be converted to TM! done credit by following the steps

  • Step 1: Dial *224*1*5# and follow the steps.
Makasib Points TM! done Credit (R.O)
5000 5
7500 10
11250 15

Terms and Conditions

Don't have any doubts. Check our terms and condition, right now.

Read our full Terms & Conditions here

  • The Makasib number used for the conversion must be registered with TM! Done. Otherwise, the conversion will be cancelled.
  • If you are a Makasib member but you do not have a TM! Done account, you need to register through the TM! Done application.
  • Makasib points converted to TM! Done credit will be added as credit to your TM! Done wallet.
  • Credit in TM! Done wallet is valid for 6 months.
  • Expired credit cannot be extended or refunded.
  • TM! Done terms & conditions on TM! Done wallet apply.

The offer is valid till 1st of June 2023.