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Stay connected with your friends and family abroad, with the attractive Baqati Extra international add-on packs


Pack Price

Included Minutes*


50 International Minutes


180 International Minutes

Applicable Countries*

How to Subscribe

  1. SMS: Send “B” to 90087 - Select Baqati Extraà Select Voice Minute bundle - Select International minute bundle
  2. Omantel App:  Go to Services - Available services - Other

How to check the balance

  1. Open Omantel App - Usage - Voice
  2. Send SMS “D” to 90099

Terms and conditions

  1. Both the packs can be activated with or without auto renewal as per the customer’s choice
  2. Packs with auto renewal ON can be subscribed to only once and then it will auto renew every bill cycle
  3. Packs without auto renewal can be subscribed to any number of times as per the customer’s choice (The benefits and validity will be cumulative)