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Mini Bill

Want to know the value of your mobile bill last month in a convenient way? Omantel offers the solution to all Baqati customers through the small bill service. It is a service that is characterized by accuracy, speed and simplicity just relied on to know your mobile bill for the last month.

How to use the service?

To check the total due amount:

  1. Type B or BILL and send SMS to 90099
  2. You will receive the total due amount up to the previous month. For e.g.: " Your total due amount up to 01-June-08 is RO 819.505 ".

To check the usage details:

  1. Type U and send SMS to 90099
  2. You will receive the following usage details for the current month. For e.g.: " Month: June; Usage for 9XXXXXXX; Details: GPRS RO 41.427; International Calls RO 0.500; International SMS RO 0; National Calls RO 3.567; National SMS RO 0.200; Samani RO 0.500; SMS Contents RO 2.300; Roaming RO 3.900. Your Bill is RO 85.333 ".