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Voice Accelerator

weekly voice bundle

Omantel Hayyak subscribers can now enjoy weekly voice bundle by dialing a short code *121*10#. Subscription amount will be deducted and double amount will be given in the bonus account. Bonus can be checked by dialing *311*15#.

Omantel customer will then enjoy national calls and Pay As you Go Data from the bonus credit. Hayyak customer can see the complete details of the offer in the table given below:

Weekly Voice Usage Bundle Subscription Bonus Validity
0- 500 baiza 1 OMR 2 OMR 7 Days
500 baiza - 1 OMR 2 OMR 4 OMR 7 Days
1 OMR - 2 OMR



7 Days
2 OMR - 3 OMR 4 OMR 8 OMR 7 Days

How to subscribe

Dial *121*10#

Promotion Date

From 1st March To 31st May 2017