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on-Ship Roaming

Maritime Roaming allows travellers to remain in touch with family, friends on board cruise ships and ferries


Maritime Communications Partner ( MCP) is the global maritime telecommunications operator reaching thousands of ship passengers and crew members in the European, North America, South America and Asian markets.

Provisioning of telecommunication services on board has become a prerequisite for most cruise and ferry travellers, as the same service is expected on board as on shore. Omantel Mobile, through collaboration with MCP (Maritime Communications Partner), now offers seamless connectivity via personal mobile phones to both passengers and crew on board cruise-ships, ferries and other vessels worldwide. Where they can now use their own mobile phones at sea, as if they were on shore. Omantel Mobile customers can make/ receive calls, send and receive SMS (Short Message Service) while sailing the seas and oceans, exactly as if they were at home or travelling abroad, using the roaming capabilities of GSM networks.