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Enjoy Your Free Digital Passes with New Hayyak Plans

Enjoy our new amazing Hayyak plans!

Discover exciting new benefits with our unbeatable New Hayyak Plans

*All Plans are 5% VAT inclusive. *Voice calls are applicable for local use and international calls to Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. * To purchase a new SIM or Internet plan in the eShop you need to present a National ID or Resident Card. Passports can only be accepted for buying SIM in Omantel outlets or other physical stores.


Mobile Internet


Mobile Internet

Stay connected with Hayyak’s mobile Internet options to suit your every need

National Calls


National Calls

Unlimited Weekly National calls for 1.5 OMR

Marhaba World


Marhaba World

you can call your loved ones every day and stay connected with lowest rates




Jawazak gives you short term data while you travel in the GCC or World

Non-stop Social


Non-stop Social

Enjoy the real Non-stop experience with the new Hayyak plans.

Unlimited YouTube & Music


Unlimited YouTube & Music

Now you can enjoy streaming on the most popular video-sharing

Hayyak Recharge


Hayyak Recharge

Subscribe to one of the New Hayyak plans with E-Voucher enjoy extra data.

International Calls


International Calls

Stay connected with family & friends all over the world with our international calling services


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Applicable Hayyak Plans Digital Passes Quota Include Application
Hayyak 7,10,12,15 and 20 Communicating Pass 2 GB Whatsapp
Hayyak 7,10,12,15 and 20 Music Pass 5 GB Anghami|YouTube Music
Hayyak 10,12,15 and 20 Gaming Pass 10 GB Apex Games|Rocket League
Hayyak 15 and 20 Social Pass 5 GB Instagram|Snapchat|Twitter|Facebook
Hayyak 15 and 20 Roaming Pass 1 GB+20 Mins for Hayyak 15 2 GB+30 Mins for Hayyak 20
Hayyak 20 Entertainment Pass 10 GB YouTube|Shahid Tv|OSN|Netflix

Terms & Conditions

  • All Plans are 5% VAT inclusive.

  • Hayyak plans are available for all new & existing prepaid customers.

  • Data is only to be used locally and does not include roaming.

  • Once a customer exceeds their voice plans, they will be charged extra (Pay as you go) voice national rate (44Bz /min).

  • Once a customer exceeds their data plans, they will be charged extra (Pay as you go) data national rate (51.2Bz /MB).

  • The tariff of (Pay as you go) rate National SMS (10Bz /SMS) applied.

  • Customers can re-subscribe to the same plan or any other Hayyak plan.

  • The included minutes and data can be carry forward in case of re-subscription.

  • The included minutes and data can be carried forward in the case of re-subscription.

  • If you subscribe to one of the new Hayyak Plans, you will not lose the remaining data and voice minutes from the existing plan.


Does the subscription to the new Hayyak plans renew automatically?

There is an option to turn auto renewal on/off.

What happens if I re-subscribe before the plan expires?

You will get the benefits starting after the day of expiry & no carry forward for the existing plan benefits.

What happens to my Hayyak plan benefits if I stop the auto-renewal option?

You can continue to enjoy using the benefits until the expiry date.

What happens if I consume my data allowance before plan expiry?

It is recommended that you upgrade to a higher Hayyak plan or re-subscribe to one of Hayyak data add-ons (daily, weekly or monthly) to continue enjoying the Internet and if you do not select one of these options, the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) will be blocked until your Hayyak plan expired.

What happens if I consume the minutes’ allowance before plan expiry?

It is recommended that you subscribe to one of Voice Add-on as below:

  • Unlimited National calls for 1.5 OR /week
  • IDD   for 1OR /50 min/week and if you do not select one of these options, Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) rates will apply:
  • National Voice: 44 Bz/Min

What happens if my Hayyak plan expired and I choose not to renew?

You will be charged as Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) rates:

  • National Voice: 44 Bz/Min
  • National Data 51.2 Bz/ MB
  • National SMS 10 Bz

How can I check the data and voice status of my Hayyak plan?

You can track your usage through the Omantel Mobile Application or dialling *666#. In addition, you will get usage notifications when your consumption reaches 70%, 90% and 100%.

How can I recharge my Hayyak account?

You can recharge your account from all recharge channels. Click here to view.

What methods of payment are available?

You can use your credit & debit cards, all recharge channels and you can redeem your Makasib points.

What is the priority if I have other plans?

The priority of deduction depends on which plan will expire first.