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Omantel is the ideal partner to help maximise the opportunity in global VoIP services. The penetration of VoIP services is increasing rapidly, but gaining competitive advantage in a market with such low pricing is not easy. We have done the hard work for you, allowing you to launch a complete VoIP offer without needing to develop it from scratch.

The VoIP opportunity is a springboard into other areas related to basic voice services, such as messaging, conferencing and various forms of collaboration. Don’t miss out on the dividends you can enjoy by taking full advantage of this emerging market.



  • Become a part of a whole new value chain
  • Gain from Omantel’s global reach and experience of world-class VoIP solutions
  • Generate results quickly as our partner, gaining from low barriers to entry
  • Omantel is easy to do business with, and able to help you monetise these services rapidly