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With Omantel`s Cloud Connect your business evolves into next-generation cloud connectivity which brings you more flexibility and ease of provisioning. It converts your unsecure public internet access to Cloud platforms to a fully secure private interconnection between your premises and the Cloud provider.

The strength of the service lies in its `private` connectivity, with the shortest connection in order to provide the best latency. This is mainly useful for improving the quality and performance of your business transactions and daily operations.

Omantel offers a simple direct connect to many Clouds and Apps with a private and dedicated access which makes your connection more secure and lets you bypass public internet.



  • Evolves businesses into a brand new, next-generation interconnection model
  • Access to many Cloud and Apps on only one interface
  • Fully secure and dedicated private connection
  • Converts companies from public internet to private connectivity
  • Saves cost on network investments and daily operations
  • Lesser provisioning time and faster delivery of the service
  • Enabled over fully diversied global network of Omantel