Data & IP Providers
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Omantel International has specifically developed its infrastructure and connectivity solutions to offer new levels of reliability and performance in developed and emerging markets globally. We have made strategic investments in more than 14 submarine cables and built five unique landing stations in our home market of Oman. This enables you to expand your reach globally with true network diversity.

We take advantage of our unique geographic location to offer you ultra low latency networks that support superior quality of experience for applications and services. Data and IP providers can increase customer satisfaction while offering high value but demanding services globally.


Why Choose Omantel International?

  • Take advantage of unique connectivity options globally with investments in 14+ submarine cable systems
  • Experience the lowest possible latency between global hubs like Frankfurt and Singapore
  • Rely on guaranteed Quality of Service with 24/7/365 day support
  • Benefit from a customer-centric approach to global connectivity
  • Connect to Europe, Asia, Africa and across the Middle East from a single location
  • Gain direct access to more than 46 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and North America