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Omantel's wi-fi offers the perfect solution for small and large sized businesses

Wi-fi offers the perfect solution by providing
a wireless internet at public places

In today's technology driven world, remaining competitive means keeping your customers connected.
With Omantel Wi-Fi, rest assured that your customers will know the value of of being connected
to a fast and secure wi-fi network.

All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. From 16 April 2021, 5% VAT will be added to the price.

Features and Benefits

With Omantel Wi-Fi, rest assured that your customers will know the value of of being connected to a fast and secure wi-fi network. Additionally, you can take the advantage of advertising and promoting through the wi-fi Log-in Page (Wall Garden) in a modern and innovative way. Variety of reports, such as the number of users logged on, are provided.

- Flexibility: Connect to the internet wirelessly with comfort and ease
- Security: Omantel's wi-fi service is a secure & certified solution.
- Reliable: The wi-fi Network is proactively managed 24/7 by Omantel.
- Professional Service: Assistance in defining a detailed clients' requirements.
- Competitive Advantage: Differentiate your business from the competitors by staying at the cutting edge of technology & ensure customer loyalty.
- Dedicated, Designed and Customized Wall-Garden: The service is provided with a dedicated, designed and customized log-in page names "Wall-Garden", along with training on how to operate the Wall-Garden.

The corporate clients can benefit from the Wall-Garden as following:
- Advertising Tool: All the Enterprises advertise their own brand or offers through the wall-garden and some others provide general information on their business.
- Revenue Generation: The WiFi customers will have the choice to resell the service at their desired tariff.
- WiFi service Reports: The wall-garden provides a variety of reports for the wi-fi service, such as peak hours, numbeR of users, etc.
- Free Fixed Line monthly rental: Enjoy our fixed line service without the hassle of paying a monthly fee.
- Technical Support: Technical support around the clock through the call center and a team of professional technicians.

Benefits of Wall Garden (Login Screen)

- Fully Customizable Portals - Support for wi-fi enabled Notebooks, PDAs and Mobiles.
- Provide users with a memorably distinct experience.
- Communicate effectively to your users across multiple channels.
- SMART URLS – User can browse websites without Authentication.
- Cross-sell, up-sell, bring convenience, offer Location based advertising services and generate new revenue streams.
- Online FAQ's for troubleshooting.
- Multiple authentication options are available.
- Own reporting/admin module to monitor the internet service.

Terms and Conditions

- Minimum of a 3-year commitment.
- In case of early termination, a termination fee of 50% of the monthly subscription fee will apply for the remainder of the commitment period.

How to apply?

Print and Fill out the Wi-Fi Application Form application form and send it to your account manager or submit it to your Omantel Outlet