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Finance for Startups

Finance is one of the key ingredients for successful startups. Many entrepreneurs, however, lack knowledge of finance.

This is a practical course aimed at direct application of the knowledge gained into the running of real startups. It covers: - The basic financial statement you need to start operating: Sample of Income Statement - Financial terms you every entrepreneur should know about their startup - Creating and presenting financial projections - Valuation methods: The most commonly used methodologies and how to create your own valuation exercise. In this workshop the participates will: 1-Learn the fundamentals of finance. 2-Get to know the different financial representations, terminologies, sheets and many more. 3-Understand company valuation, and startup funding 4- Gain confidence in talking about the financial aspects of startups.

DATE AND TIMEالتاريخ و الوقت
calendar-alt 22/03/2022 1:00 PM
1:30 Hours
Dima Shahin