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1st Draft Reference Access and Interconnection Offer

This 1st Draft Reference Access and Interconnection Offer (RAIO) deals with Access and Interconnection Services offered by Omantel to the licensed Operators in the Sultanate. This 1st Draft RAIO has been published in accordance with the requirements of the TRA for consultation purpose.

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Notice Re First Draft RAIO
Main Agreement
Annex A_Entire Agreement
Annex B_Billing and Payment
Annex C_Service Descriptions
Annex D_Interface Testing Procedures
Annex E_Technical Specifications
Annex F_Forecast
Annex H_Ordering, Delivery, Fault Handling and Service Levels
Annex I_Calling Line Identifications (CLI)
Annex J_Non-Disclosure Agreement
Annex K_Contacts
Annex L_Definitions
Annex M_ Tariffs
Annex N_Credit Assessment
Sub Annex C-FA 01_Local Loop Unbundling (LLU)
Sub Annex C-FA 02_Local Loop Unbundling (Line Sharing)
Sub Annex C-FA 03_Sub Loop Unbundling
Sub Annex C-FA 04_Co-location
Sub Annex C-FA 05_Wholesale Line Rental (WLR)
Sub Annex C-FA 06_Bitstream Layer 2
Sub Annex C-FA 07_Bitstream Layer 3
Sub Annex C-FA 08_Wholesale Transmission
Sub Annex C-FA 09_Broadband Resale Service
Sub Annex C-FA 10_Wholesale Terminating Segments of Leased Lines
Sub Annex C-FA 11_Wholesale Trunk Segments of Leased Lines
Sub Annex C-FA 12_Wholesale Trunk Segments of Leased Lines - IPLC
Sub Annex C-FA 13_Wholesale IP International Bandwidth Capacity
Sub Annex C-FA 14_Access to Landing Stations
Sub Annex C-FA 15_Access to Earth Stations
Sub Annex C-FA 16_Access to Omantel Data Center
Sub Annex C-FI 01_Fixed Ancillary Services
Sub Annex C-FI 02_Call Origination - Fixed Call by Call Selection (CCS)
Sub Annex C-FI 03_Call Origination - Fixed Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS)
Sub Annex C-FI 04_Call Origination for Non-Geographic Calls
Sub Annex C-FI 05_Outgoing International Calls
Sub Annex C-FI 06_Calls to Special Fixed Services
Sub Annex C-FI 07_Pre-Paid Calling Cards Access Type 1
Sub Annex C-FI 08_Pre-Paid Calling Cards Access Type 2
Sub Annex C-FI 09_Fixed Call Termination Service
Sub Annex C-FI 10_Fixed Call Transit Services
Sub Annex C-MA 01_National Roaming Service
Sub Annex C-MA 02_Mobile Access Service
Sub Annex C-MI 01_Mobile Ancillary Services
Sub Annex C-MI 02_Mobile Termination Services
Sub Annex C-MI 03_Mobile Call Origination (Call-by-Call)
Sub Annex C-MI 04_Mobile Call Origination (Carrier pre-selection)