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With our New Welcome Pack, enjoy 1.5GB free data and RO 1 credit when you buy a Hayyak prepaid SIM for RO 2.

It gets better. You can also enjoy 2 GB data for only RO 5 for the next three months.

Get your SIM today.

Hayyak Starter Kit Promotion
Starter Kit RO 2
Free credit RO 1
Free MBB usage included 1.5 GB
Bonus Data Allowance Validity 10 Days

Terms & Conditions

  • Once a new Customer buys a new welcome pack, the customer will automatically have 1RO bonus credit and 1.5GB valid for 10 days.
  • The 1RO Bonus credit is valid for 180 days
  • New Customers can check the free 1.5 GB data by dialing *141*1500*0# 
  • The 1RO Bonus credit can be used for all services except to subscribe to the special 2GB data offer
  • The 1RO Bonus credit cannot be used for credit transfer
  • New Customers will be eligible to buy 2GB for 5RO from the first day of activation and for the first 3 months
  • New Customers can subscribe to the special 2GB data offer by dialing *171*11#
  • New Customers can check the special 2GB data offer by dialing *211*3#
  • Multiple subscriptions to the special 2GB data plan is allowed
  • This offer is applicable to Port in customers
  • This offer is not applicable to Business Prepaid customers
  • Free data is not applicable while roaming

Offer Valid until 7th of  November 2017.

FAQ's-Frequently asked questions

  1. Does the customer have to opt in to get the free data for the first month?
    1.5GB data allowance is automatically avaialble on Activation of new sim card.
  2. Can I subscribe to another data plan with the 1RO credit bonus?
    Yes, you can subscribe to any plan and use the bonus for any service except credit transfer.
  3. How long can I use the 1.5GB?
    1.5GB free data allowance is valid for 10 days.
  4. How can I check the balance of the free data?
    By dialing *141*1500*0#
  5. When can I subscribe to the 2GB plan?
    as soon as you activate your sim card you can enjoy this exclusive offer.
  6. Can I subscribe to the exclusive 2GB plan more than once?
    Yes, you can subscribe as many times as you like for the first 90 days of your activation.
  7. How can I subscribe to the exclusive 2GB offer?
    You can subscribe by dialing *171*11#
  8. How can I check my balance for the 2GB offer?
    You can check by dialing *211*3#

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