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With our New Welcome Pack, enjoy 1.5GB free data and RO 1 credit when you buy a Hayyak prepaid SIM for RO 2.

It gets better, continue to recharge and use your Hayyak prepaid SIM and receive 1.5 GB free data each month for 3 months. That is 4.5GB data free for 3 months.

Get your SIM today.

Hayyak Starter Kit Promotion
Starter Kit RO 2
Free credit RO 1
Free MBB usage included 1.5 GB
Bonus Data Allowance Validity 10 Days

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is applicable to Consumer Prepaid Port in numbers
  • This offer is not applicable to Business Prepaid customers
  • Customers will need to Recharge with RO 3 (cumulative) each months during the promotion to receive 1.5GB bonus data allowance
  • All recharge methods are accepted with exception of credit transfer
  • A SMS notification will be sent to inform customer of eligiblity for monthly bonus
  • A SMS notification will be sent when bonus data is fully consumed or expired (which ever comes first)
  • Customers can check their bonus data balance via ussd code
  • Bonus data allowance is not applicable while roaming
  • The Bonus data is valid for 10 Days

Offer Valid until 8th August 2017.

FAQ's-Frequently asked questions

  1. Does the customer have to opt in to get the free data for the first month?
    1.5GB data allowance is automatically avaialble on Activation of new sim card.
  2. Can I subscribe to another data plan with the 1RO credit bonus?
    Yes, you can subscribe to any plan and use the bonus for any service except credit transfer.
  3. How long can I use the 1.5GB?
    1.5GB free data allowance is valid for 10 days.
  4. How can I check the balance of the free data?
    By dialing *141*1500*0#
  5. After 30 days, will I get the data automatically?
    1.5GB free data allowance will be automatically avaialble after after recharging for 3RO in total.
  6. Do I have to recharge 3RO at once to get the free 1.5GB in the other months?
    Multiple recharges within the month (for example 1RO then 1RO after two days then 1RO after 15days) totalling 3RO will enable you to enjoy the Free 1.5 GB Bonus. You will receive a message to tell you how much more you need to recharge to get the free data!
  7. Are the months based on calendar months?
    No its based on 30day, so each customer will have their own timeline.
  8. If I have the free 1.5GB data and subscribe to the daily plan, which plan will be consumed first?
    Priority will be given to the lower validity promotion, so the daily and weekly plans will be consumed before the free 1.5GB, but the monthly plans will be consumed after..
  9. If I Reach 3RO recharges on the final day of the 30 days, will my free data be valid for 1 day or 10 days?
    The free 1.5GB data allowance will be valid for the full 10 days
  10. If I still have my free data at the end of the 30 days, in the beginning of the next month I do a recharge of 3RO will I get the free data?
    Yes, if you receive the free data in end of Month 2, and it is valid in the beginning of month 3, then make a 3RO recharge, you will also receive the “month 3” free data also.

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