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Value Added Services

Let us make the job search easier and more successful for you with SMS Job service.

Receive information about job announcement in the government sector, including details about exam dates and locations, interview dates and locations and your application status, all through SMS.


Send SMS to 90226

Service Command Example
Registration R
Apply for job AJ Manpower ID # Vacancy No. Example: AJ 237658 # 10522166
Exam Appointment EA Manpower ID # Vacancy No. Example: EA 237658 # 10522166
Interview Appointment IA Manpower ID # Vacancy No. Example: IA 237658 # 10522166
Unsubscribe U

Tariff Details

  • Subscription fee is OMR 1 for a 6 month renewable subscription
  • Other services are 50 Bz per sms