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We ensure end users receive the best possible call quality with 99.999% availability and exceptional Quality of Service and Experience.

24x7 monitoring guarantees maximum availability and world-leading performance. Optimised routing and a unique footprint gives you with new advantage in the voice market.

When service providers choose Omantel, they gain a partner that understands what it takes to be successful in voice with global infrastructure that can connect you around the globe.

Omantel delivers efficient access to global markets and enables you to deliver consistent quality around the world.

Why Choose Omantel International?

  • As a key hub for the Middle East region, located in one of the most connected countries in the world, we are the ideal wholesale voice partner
  • Increasing numbers of carriers trust Omantel as their route into the region and beyond
  • We are your defence against loss of revenue and market share in the form of competitive threats like OTT VoIP
  • We provide powerful voice solutions at an affordable price, and can help you enter new voice markets as and when they emerge