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  • Electronic Recharge FAQ

    Where can the Subscriber Top-up his Hayyak Account?


      The top-up Machines are available at the following Counters for the subscriber to Top-up his Hayyak account:
      Oman Mobile Counters:
      -  AL-Araimi Counter
      Omantel Counters:
      Al-Khuwair Counter. (2 Machines).
       - Sultan Qaboos University counter (SQU).
       - Al-Khoudh Counter.
       - Sur Counter.
       - Nizwa Counter.
       -  Sohar Counter.
       - Al-Buraimi Counter.
       - Salalah Counter
      OAB Branches:
      Ruwi, Next to their Head Quarter.
      Ruwi, Outside the Head Quarter.
       - Al-Khuwair Branch.
      Sohar Branch.
       - Salalah Branch.


    What are the amounts that the Machine could accept ?


      The machine could accept money range from 100 Baisas note to RO 100; however, the minimum amount deposited should be RO 1, for instance, the subscriber cannot deposit only 500 Baisas to his account but he can deposit RO 2,200.


    What will happen if the customer doesn’t get a receipt or if he doesn’t get an SMS confirmation?


      This should not happen but in rare cases if this occurs, the subscriber could call OAB’s hotline service at: 800 777 666 from 7:30 am till 12:00 am (Midnight) or they could call 196.


    What if my Deposit is not posted to my Hayyak account?


      If connectivity is lost for any reason, the receipt will show the following message “Deposit Accepted, Balance will be updated later” followed by ‘Transaction Number OABxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ he can always refer to his transaction number.

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