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Our Mission

Enable Omani society by building a digitally advanced and connected community and contributing to Oman's sustainable development.

Sustainability Report 2021

Oman Telecommunications Company SAOG (Omantel) is glad to present its fifth Sustainability report, highlighting its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance for the years 2020 and 2021.

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CSR Initiatives

Omantel is committed to actively enhancing the well-being of the communities it operates within as part of its Sustainability framework. Through a diverse range of initiatives, Omantel endeavors to generate positive societal changes, stimulate economic progress, and nurture inclusive development. By doing so, we not only enrich the lives of our stakeholders but also strive to create lasting value for the broader community.


Contribute to a digital competent society in which everyone has equitable access to quality education, technical and vocational skills.


Be the national technical catalyst in Oman’s start-up scene, especially in the domain of ICT & 4th Industrial Revolution applications.

Community wellbeing

Harness the power of telecommunication services and innovative technology to ensure and promote community wellbeing and sustainable development across Oman.


Become Oman role model enterprise for environmental awareness across the society. Renwable energy lab from Education pillar. Since its an educational and environmental initative.


Looking at the future

Oman has entered a new developmental phase that will rely heavily on economic diversification, Digital Transformation, and innovation.

These approaches will incorporate sustainability at every level and dedicate their outcomes to communities, the nation as a whole, and to the environment. The Oman Vision 2040 document defines national priorities that are to be achieved through various work streams, to promote Oman’s leading position in different fields over the next two decades.

Our Mission

Enable Omani society by building a digitally advanced and connected community and contributing to Oman’s sustainable development.

Support for CSR initiatives

We are proud to be a key contributor in supporting numerous national CSR programs and initiatives. To assist in evaluating your proposal, please complete this application form.

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