Mobile Operators
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Omantel is the right partner for your mobile network operator business, helping you to be as responsive to the needs of your customers as possible while staying ahead of the competition. Our backbone network has truly global reach, ideal to backhaul your traffic from any location.

Many of the world’s top mobile operators already use our services, recognising that we combine cost effectiveness with high performance and low latency. We understand the mobile sector and know how important it is to deliver the best possible customer experience.


Why Choose Omantel International?

  • Omantel is not just a leading hub for the Middle East, we’re a true global player able to give your mobile business access to the fastest growing markets in the world
  • Our unique geographic position and unrivalled submarine cable connectivity makes us a perfect bridge between east and west
  • Our continual investment in infrastructure and the development of new services is matched by our quest to forge new partnerships for the benefit of our customers
  • We understand how the mobile services market works, and we have experience of solving all the challenges you face
  • We value openness and we’re committed to operating with a transparent model that is focused on delivering benefits to the partners that are the cornerstone of our business
  • We’re also about honesty, stability and dependability, and when we say we’ll do something we always see it through