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Standard Customer Agreement

Registrant Agreement

These Terms and Conditions set out the way in which Oman Telecommunications Company . SAOG (“Omantel”) will provide Domain Name Registration Services (the “Services”) to you.
In this Registrant Agreement (the “Agreement”) the following words and expressions have the meaning hereby assigned to them ( You ) or (for You) shall refer to the Registrant and ( We ) or ( Us) shall refer to Omantel. Authority means Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (“TRA”)
By signing an application form for the Services (in paper form or on-line), you make an Agreement with us that these Terms and Conditions will govern our relationship. Your use of the Services is also governed by and subject to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (“TRA”) regulations, decisions, directives, and guidelines issued from time to time.

  1. Services supplied
    • Omantel will provide you with the Services ordered by you as shown on your application form. The Registrant shall provide the minimum information required in the service application.
    • We will list the Registration applications that meet the requirements according to the precedence of these applications as per the time and date of submission.
    • You may request cancelling a Service within 3 working days from the registration date and we shall refund to you all the registration fees. In all cases, the cancellation is considered effective only after five days from the cancellation request date without being withdrawn, however if the cancellation request is withdrawn during that period, the cancellation request shall be considered null and void.
    • Charges will apply for the registration and use of the Services as described in the application form.
    • You shall be deemed to have received notices from us regarding this Agreement if we contact the latest email address you have given us. We will also post all changes to our pricing and Terms and Conditions on our website www.omantel.om
    • The domain name shall be entered on the register for a minim period of (1) year and shall not exceed (5) years. Renewal for similar period/s may be considered provided that we receive a 90 days’ notice prior to the expiration of the registration or previous renewal.
    • In the event the registration of the domain name has been expired without being renewed, the domain name will be suspended for a period not exceeding thirty (30) days during which you may not use it or introduce any amendments thereon. The suspension shall be ceased if you during the aforementioned period take the necessary renewal procedures, however if such period has been expired and no renewal action has been taken, the registration shall be considered null and you have no right to use the domain name save only under a new registration in accordance with the TRA’s Regulations.
  2. Your Domain Name
    • You acknowledge that the domain name is not an item of property accordingly you may not sell, waive, or dispose it in any way except in accordance with the TRA’s Regulations.
    • You agree that the Domain Name you want to register complies with all TRA’s Regulations (including but not limited to the Domain Name Eligibility Regulations).
    • You agree that:
      • all information submitted to register the registration of the domain name are true, complete and correct, and are not misleading in any way.
      • the domain name applied for does not interfere with or infringe the rights of any third party with respect to registered trade mark, service mark, trade name or any other intellectual property right.
      • the use of the Domain Name shall only be for its own use and for lawful purposes that do not violate public order and prevailing laws.
      • You do not have any proprietary right arising from the Domain Name or the entry of the Domain Name in the Registry Database.
  3. Privacy, account details and passwords
    • You undertake that all information you give to us is correct and complete, and you must notify us if your account details, including change of your email address, and any change on the following:
      • Your account details may be used to verify your identity for access to the Services; you must keep your account details safe.
      • Your password is confidential to you alone; you must keep it secret. We will not be responsible for any loss you suffer as a result of not keeping your password secret.
      • We will only allow access to your account (including making changes to the account) to you as account holder, using your password.
      • We reserve the right to disclose your personal account information with the legal and judicial authorities in accordance with the procedures provided in the Laws of Sultanate of Oman. Data obtained from the access will be deleted once the data has served the purpose for which it was obtained.
  4. Paying for the Services
    • You agree to pay the charges for all Services that you order, at the prices and in the manner set out in application form.
  5. Acknowledgment
    • By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you acknowledge that Omantel is acting as a licensee by the TRA to provide the Service in accordance with the Registrant Agreement and you particular acknowledge and accept:
      • That in no event shall the TRA be liable for any loss, damage or expense arising from or in connection with any breach by Registrar of its obligations under any agreement between Registrar and the Registrant.
      • That Omantel has the right and the obligation to disclose to the TRA Registry all information reasonably required to register the Domain Name.
      • TRA has the right to publicly disclose to third parties, all information relating to your Domain Name including information to enable the TRA to maintain a public Whols service provided any disclosure is in accordance with the TRA’s Regulations.
      • To comply with all TRA’s Regulations at all times. You should review all regulations carefully, including but not limited to:
        • Reserved names requirements (clause 5 of TRA’s Resolution No. 119/2012 which explains which Registrations are prohibited)
        • Domain Name eligibility criteria (clause 14-22 of TRA’s Resolution No. 119/2012 which sets out the Eligibility Criteria)
        • Domain Name Transfer – Change of Registrant (setting the rules for transferring Domain Name Registration)
        • Privacy requirements and Whols Data Collection and access to such data (setting out how your data and data relating to your Domain Name will be collected and used)
        • Domain Name Renewal, Expiry & ,cancelation & Termination Regulations (setting out the rules for renewal, expiry, cancelation& & Termination)
        • Domain Name Dispute Resolution requirements (setting out the rules you and a third party can contest the registration or use of a domain name)
  6. Your responsibilities in relation to the Services:
    • You agree that you will:
      • pay all charges for the Services that you order and/or use
      • follow our instructions in respect of the Service
      • use the Services responsibly, and in compliance with the laws of the Sultanate of Oman and the TRA’s Regulations
      • It is prohibited to use the Service to distribute malware, operation of botnets, phishing, piracy, trademark or copyright infringement, fraudulent or deceptive practices, counterfeiting or otherwise engaging in activity contrary to Oman law
      • not resell the Services
      • not apply for or use the Services in any way which breaches the intellectual property rights of any third party
      • Indemnify Omantel against any loss or damage that Omantel suffers as a result of your failure to comply with this Agreement or with the TRA’s Regulations
      • supply further documentation and information that we may request in order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations
      • Notify us in the event of changing your data, with the new data within thirty (30) days of the amendment date, and we shall update that data in the WHOIS Service within five working days of the notification date
      • Will be responsible for transferring your Registered Domain Name to a different service provider, in accordance with TRA’s regulations
  7. Warranties:
    • Warranties are statements of fact that you declare to be true. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you:
      • Warrant that you meet, and will continue to meet, the Eligibility Criteria prescribed in the TRA’s Regulations relating to the registration of a Domain name. In the event you no longer meet the Eligibility criteria, your Domain Name Registration may be cancelled
      • Warrant, without limitation, that all the information supplied to Omantel for the Registration of the Domain Name is true, complete and correct. Omantel or TRA shall cancel the Registration of the Domain Name if any of the warranties are not true.
      • warrant that you have not previously submitted a Domain Name with another Registrar which is the same as the Domain Name you are now submitting to Omantel where: (a) you are relying on the same Eligibility Criteria for both Domain Names and (b) the Domain Name has been previously rejected by the other Registrar.
  8. Amendments
    • If you want to transfer sponsorship of your Domain Name to a different registrar (other than Omantel) we will assist you to do so in accordance with TRA’s Regulations without incurring additional charges on your part. We shall decide over the transfer request within (3) days from the date of receipt and we shall inform you of our decision accordingly.
    • Omantel may make changes to its Services (including withdrawal of a Service subject to TRA approval in which case Omantel will assist you in transferring your registration to another Registrar), or to its prices and Terms and Conditions in accordance with the regulations established from time to time. Omantel will give you 20 days’ notice of any alteration to its prices (unless the change is a reduction in prices for the Services, in which case less notice may be given) and 15 days’ notice of any non-price related changes which will affect you. Your continued use of the Services after such notice will be construed as an acceptance of such changes. If you do not accept a change, you must contact us within (7) days to cancel that Service or transfer to another Registrar without any additional charges on Omantel’s part.
  9. Domain Name Cancellation
    • When we are informed that the entity that held the Domain Name registration no longer exists, we will give notice to the Registrant Contact listed in the Registry Database that the Domain Name Registration is cancelled and the Domain Name will be deleted in 30 calendar days. We will use reasonable commercial endeavors to give notice.
    • We may cancel the Domain Name when we are notified that you no longer meet the Eligibility criteria to use the Domain Name. You may submit an appeal to the Authority against this decision within 14 days from the date of suspension or cancellation, however, in the absence of the appeal or if the appeal is rejected, the registration shall be considered terminated.
  10. Transferring this Agreement
    • Under this Agreement, Omantel agrees to provide the Services only to you. You may not transfer this Agreement or an account without Omantel’s prior consent and any transfer must be in accordance with the TRA’s Regulations (please see the Domain Name Transfer – Change of Registrant requirement).
  11. Circumstances where Omantel can suspend or terminate the Services:
    • Omantel may suspend or terminate the Services at any time without notice subject to TRA approval in the event that:
      • It is shown to us and we have justifiable reason that you are failing to comply with this Agreement in any way (we will reinstate the Service as soon as we are satisfied that this is not the case), in particular where you fail to meet the Eligibility criteria to use the Domain Name
      • It is shown to us and we have justifiable reason that unusual or fraudulent activity is occurring on the account (we will reinstate the Service/account as soon as we are satisfied that this is not the case)
      • you fail to pay renewal charges
      • we are required to do so by any government, regulatory organization, emergency Service, or other competent authority, or TRA.
      • you become bankrupt or enter into an arrangement with your creditors (or equivalent legal procedure in any other relevant jurisdiction), or we believe it is likely that you will do so shortly.
      • Where we suspend a Service under one of the provisions in this Clause, you shall not be entitled to any refund of the registration fees.
  12. Termination of a Service of this Agreement
    • If you want to terminate a Service you should contact Omantel Call Center. However, all Services must be taken for at least the minimum contract term specified on the application form.
    • If you terminate any Service before the end of your minimum contract term for that Service you will be required to pay for that Service until the end of the minimum contract term and we will not refund any charges paid in advance for the minimum contract term.
    • If you terminate all Services you have ordered from us, then this Agreement will be terminated automatically, and we will close your account. Upon closure of your account all outstanding charges payable by you will become immediately payable.
    • In case of termination of the Accreditation Agreement for any reason stated in the Accredited Registrar Agreement, we shall:
      • Immediately cease providing the registration services, and notify you of the termination of the accreditation
      • Coordinate with the accredited registrars who are identified by the Authority to complete the transfer your registered domain name in accordance with the instruction of the TRA within 14 days.
  13. Legal liability
    • We will not be liable (whether for breach of contract, negligence or any other liability arising under or in relation to this Agreement) for any actions by us or anyone who works for us, except to the extent that such liability cannot be excluded under Sultanate of Oman law or any TRA’s Regulations.
    • We shall not be liable to you for any loss of business, revenue, profits or anticipated savings, data being lost or corrupted, or any indirect or consequential loss suffered by you.
    • We shall not be liable to you (a) for the temporary non-availability of our network or the Domain Name registration system, (b) for loss, late receipt or non-readability of any message or communication, (c) for any defects, malfunctions or delays in any way connected with the provision of the Services.
    • If we cannot provide the Services for a reason which is outside our control, then we cannot accept any responsibility for such lack of Services.
    • This Clause 14 will continue to apply even after this Agreement has terminated.
  14. If you want to make a complaint
    • If you have a complaint about the Services you should contact our Call Center in accordance with the Domain Name Registration Complaints Handling provisions. We will resolve any complaints quickly and amicably and no later than 15 days from receipt of your complaint. Should the matter remain unresolved after 15 days, you may refer the matter to the TRA.
    • This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Sultanate of Oman.
  15. Disputes
    • Any disputes between you and a third party (that is, a party other than Omantel or the TRA) concerning the registration or use of a domain name by you shall be governed by the TRA’s Dispute Resolution Provisions.

  1. In application of this agreement terms and conditions, the following words and phrases shall have the definition assigned to them unless the context requires otherwise:
  • Definitions
    1. Company: Oman Telecommunications Company S.A.O.G (Omantel)
    2. Authority: Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA)
    3. Beneficiary: Any natural or legal person benefitting from the telecom services provided by the Company according to an agreement with the Company or through an application submitted by him and accepted by the Company.
    4. “Force Majeure” means any action outside the control of the Licensee that can’t be anticipated or avoided. It includes (for example but not limited to) acts of God, fire, severe weather conditions, industrial strikes, war, acts of Government or state, terrorism acts, civil unrest, insurgency or economic boycott.
    5. “Telecommunications Services” means Telecommunications Services made available partially or in full by Omantel regardless of the systems or means used except “radio broadcast services”.
    6. “Deposit” means the cash deposit made by the beneficiary to the Company to be used against payment of future bills due to the Company.
  • Application for Telecom Service
    1. The Agreement shall start from the date the Company accepts customer application through application form which is considered integral and complementing part of this Agreement. The Agreement shall be valid unless it is legally terminated by either party according to the provisions of this Agreements or its tenure came to an end. The Company shall give copy of this agreement and the service application duly signed to the Beneficiary.
    2. The Beneficiary shall agree to pay the associated service tariff and the Company shall agree to provide the service according to the provisions of this Agreement as approved by TRA.
    3. The Company may request the beneficiary to make a security deposit. A receipt for the deposited amount shall be provided to the Beneficiary. The Beneficiary may request a refund of the security deposit after the termination of the service and settlement of all dues by submitting the original receipt or a written request signed by the concerned person or authorized signatory.
    4. The Company may deduct the deposited amount from the dues to be paid by the Beneficiary if the due payments are not made on due dates.
    5. The Company shall notify the Beneficiary of the service start date. The Company shall inform the Beneficiary if the expected start date can’t be established and shall keep him updated of the progress made in his application.
    6. The Company may refuse to provide any service application to the applicant if he has unpaid dues on previous contracts or accounts.
    7. The prevailing service terms and conditions shall start after the activation of the service.
  • Omantel Obligations
    1. Omantel shall offer all beneficiaries of the same class the same Terms of Service according the rules applied by TRA.
    2. Omantel shall endeavor to provide the best possible service and meet the quality of service requirements as per the license conditions and the decisions issued by TRA except during Force Majeure situations.
    3. Omantel warrants that the SIM card is free from design, manufacture or material defects provided it is used in accordance with Omantel’s instruction and recommendation.
    4. In case the Beneficiary is provided with a handset under offer, “a Handset Bundled Offer”, Omantel does not provide any warranties in addition to manufacturer’s warranty. Furthermore, the Beneficiary is responsible for dealing directly with the manufacture or its agents in case of any defective handsets or repairs arising from any warranties.
    5. The Company may stop/ lock the device in case of non-compliance of the Beneficiary to pay the agreed monthly installments.
    6. Omantel does not offer any guarantee for roaming services which depend on the networks of other Operators. Omantel is not liable for any failure by the Beneficiary to comply with the laws and regulations of another country when using International Roaming.
    7. Omantel reserves the right to introduce the following at its discretionary:
      • Change the technical specifications of the service subject that these changes will have no significant impact on the essence or performance of the service.
      • Suspension of the service for operational reasons (such as maintenance, upgrade or update) or during emergency situations.
    8. In case the service is affected due to technical or maintenance reasons, Omantel shall endeavor to restore the service as soon as possible according the applied legislations and TRA directives.
    9. Other than Force Majeure conditions, should the service remain interrupted continuously for more than 24hours, the monthly subscription charges shall be waived for the time beyond the 24hours when the service remained continuously interrupted.
    10. In case the Company decided to impose a new tariff or change the conditions of an existing service after obtaining the necessary approval from TRA, the Company shall notify the beneficiaries via one of the following channels:
      • Publishing in two local newspapers (one in Arabic and one in English).
      • Customer Service Centres and Outlets.
      • The Company website and social media accounts.

      • TRA may specify any channel it deems appropriate. The new tariff or conditions shall start after the period stipulated by TRA
    11. Subject to approval from the TRA, the Company has the right to make changes from time to time to the conditions of this Agreement. In this case, the Company shall notify the Beneficiary of the changes within the stipulated period through one of the channels mentioned in Item (3-10).
    12. The Company shall not be held responsible towards the Beneficiary in case of its failure to fulfill its obligations or provide the service due to Force Majeure.
    13. Omantel has the right after obtaining the Beneficiary prior approval to inform him about any services provided by the Company via the address provided at time of registration or through SMS to the Omantel number provided or via email as well. If the subscriber is a corporate entity, the communication with the subscriber will be through the authorized contact person. The beneficiary has the right to request halt of such promotional items by contacting the Company, its outlets or through any channels made available or specified by the Company.
  • Beneficiary Obligations
    1. If the Company provides a credit limit service, the Beneficiary has the right to request the Company to set an agreed credit limit for his consumption and service shall be disconnected when this limit is reached. In this case, the Company guarantees that the Beneficiary’s consumption will not exceed the agreed credit limit. As a result, if the Beneficiary’s consumption is in excess of the limit, the Company has no right to request the Beneficiary to make payment in excess of the agreed amount. However, this excludes:
      • International roaming charges (Voice, SMS and calls received during roaming).
      • Dues related to purchase of any device in installments. The Company may reduce the consumption limit according to the customers’ credit rating.
    2. The Beneficiary shall provide all information and reasonable support needed by the Company to enable the Company fulfill its obligations under this Agreement.
    3. Where the charges are based on any particular use identified in the application for service, the Beneficiary shall not permit the service to be used for any other purpose.
    4. The Beneficiary shall neither re-sell nor assign the service except for the cases permitted according to the conditions set by the Company.
    5. The Beneficiary shall not sell the devices purchased in installments from the Company until all installment are paid.
    6. The Beneficiary is obligated to make payments of all the fees specified for the rendered services. Beneficiary shall also be responsible of all usage made through his fixed or mobile phone. This includes usage made by any person as long as it was done through the Beneficiary’s registered number.
    7. The terms and conditions shall be applicable to the Beneficiary in case of seizure or theft of the PIN or the line or any equipment connected to it by others by any means till the time and date of reporting the incident to the Company to stop the service. The Beneficiary shall not be responsible for any liabilities after reporting the case to the Company.
    8. The Beneficiary shall return all devices supplied by the Company which remain the property of Omantel upon termination of the service.
  • Billing
    1. Tariff information on applicable subscription charge, chargeable call units and any pricing plan options are available on the Omantel website or at Customer Service Counters or by calling the Customer Service Center.
    2. Omantel shall issue a clear and detailed monthly bill at the end of each billing cycle for services provided as per approved tariffs showing the chargeable call units for national and international calls, monthly subscription charge, as applicable, and payment due date.
    3. Each call is charged from the commencement of the call at intervals determined by the chargeable call unit. (e.g., 30 second increments, 60 second increments, number of Kilo Bytes, etc. based on type of service).
    4. The subscription portion of the first monthly bill is calculated by pro-rating the subscription fees to the number of days of subscription in the month. The subscription portion of the bill is then added to the usage bill to determine the first monthly bill.
    5. The bill is sent by mail to the mailing address provided by the Customer. Copy of the bill may be obtained
    6. Beneficiary shall pay his financial liabilities through one of the following payment channels:
      • Omantel Outlets
      • Omantel website and app.
      • Omantel 24/7 Bill Payment Machines.
      • Any of Omantel collection agents.
      • Any of the banks with which Omantel has made arrangements for bill payments. List of the banks where payments may be made can be obtained from Omantel outlets or from the Company’s website.
      • Any additional channels to be provided by the Company in the future. from Omantel Outlets or the collection agents of Omantel.
    7. The Company may face some technical issues that delay the issuance of timely bills according the applied tariff to the services used by the Beneficiary. In such case, the Company shall retroactively collect the bills. The Company shall not issue bills for usage that are older than six months according to the rules approved by TRA.
  • Billing/ Customer Queries
    1. Beneficiary shall check and verify the accuracy of the bill related to the service and bring any error or discrepancy to the attention of Omantel within 60 days of the date of the bill. Types of common billing queries or complaints can be:
      • Correctness of billing details
      • Dispute over genuineness of calls
      • Long duration of national and international calls
      • Customer charged for wrong service
      • Service disconnected without valid reasons
  • Service Related Queries and Complaints
    1. Inquiries and complaints related to service, features or products can be made by calling the Customer Service Centers (1234) or by visiting Omantel Customer Service Counters. If the CSR is not able to resolve the complaint, the CSR shall escalate for resolution.
  • Faults Related Queries/Complaints
    1. The Beneficiary can report fault by calling 1234 or visiting the Omantel Customer Service Counter, Company’s website or through social media channels.
    2. The Beneficiary is required to provide details including telephone number, contact information and the description of the fault or trouble when reporting a technical issue. The issue shall be immediately resolved by the Company and if immediate resolution is not possible, a ticket shall be issued.
    3. Technical faults shall be investigated and service shall be restored within the specified period by TRA.
  • Emergency Service
    1. In case of emergency the customer is requested to contact 9999 which is free of charge. The attendant at 9999 will direct the caller to the appropriate emergency agency.
    2. A Beneficiary who receives mischievous, threatening or unwanted calls shall report the matter to the Royal Oman Police. In any follow-up action taken by these authorities, Omantel shall cooperate to provide the necessary support.
  • Escalation to the Telecom Regulatory Authority
    1. Where there is unsatisfactory resolution of a complaint according to the applied procedures within the Company, the customer has the right to escalate the issue to the Telecom Regulatory Authority for mediation and resolution of the dispute of any of the following matters:
      • Bills and complaints regarding faults and services.
      • Quality of service.
      • Disconnection or reconnection of the service
      • Interpretation of the service terms and conditions
      • The interpretation of, or applicability of, any TRA-approved tariff
      • Dealing with confidential information of the beneficiary
      • Any breach of the confidentiality or privacy conditions
      • Any other matter that is within the jurisdiction of the TRA.
    2. The Beneficiary shall follow all “Customer Handling Procedures” applied by the Company before escalating his complain to TRA which should be after 15 days from the date the Company received the complaint or 30 days after the Beneficiary received the Company’s response if he is not satisfied with the response. Complaints shall be in writing and shall set out the facts and the relief requested.
  • Suspension and Termination of Service
    1. Service may be terminated by either party of this Agreement according to the Agreement terms and conditions and the rules set out by TRA.
    2. The Beneficiary may initiate termination of service by visiting any of Omantel outlets or through the same method he subscribed to the service through and follow up the applicable procedures by the Company. A final bill shall be issued after settling all due amounts.
    3. Without prejudice to the termination rights under this Agreement, the Company may terminate this agreement at any time after notifying the Beneficiary according to the stipulated period provided that termination is justified. If the Agreement is for a limited period, termination shall be only made after notifying the Beneficiary of the termination before the one month at least.
    4. Omantel may, with prior notice, temporarily suspend, bar, and restrict use of any service in accordance with the following rules:
      • Breach of the Terms of Service
      • Exceeding the credit limit
      • Non-payment of charges
    5. Without prejudice to the above, Omantel may suspend, bar, restrict or terminate use of any service in accordance with the following procedures:
      • Use of service for illegal, fraudulent or criminal activity.
      • Any activity that may damage or adversely affect the operation of Omantel network
      • Or based on order from the concerned judicial authority
    6. Without prejudice to the below, if the service is suspended either due to non-payment of charges or exceeding of credit limit, service shall be restored after payment of all dues. If the Company fails to reconnect the service as a result of any technical fault after the payment of all dues made by the Beneficiary, the Beneficiary shall have the right to seek appropriate pro-rated compensation of the subscription charges against the period the service was not available in. In the case of suspension due to SIM loss or theft, service shall be restored after visiting the nearest Omantel outlet according to the applicable procedures.
  • Termination of Service: Postpaid Fixed and Mobile
    1. The Beneficiary's account will only be updated after receiving the due amounts from the Beneficiary. In case of default in payment, the service will be restricted, and accordingly the Company has the right to stop it. The bills for the calendar month are issued at the beginning of the next month and must be paid before the specified due date. If the amount is not settled, the services will be suspended until payment is made. If the service continues to be suspended without full payment of the dues, the Company has the right to terminate the service and rotate the number in accordance with the decisions issued by the TRA. Without prejudice to the aforementioned, the Beneficiary’s account will be closed without prejudice to the company’s right to take any action to get compensation for the loss incurred as per the terms of this agreement and the applicable laws.
  • Prepaid Fixed Line
    1. If the subscription fees are not paid, the Company may take the following actions:
      • Barring outgoing and incoming calls in the first 30 days.
      • After the lapse of the first 30 days, the number will be subject to a quarantine period, to be determined according to the instructions issued by the TRA.
      • If the account is terminated or not renewed during the quarantine period, the beneficiary will lose his number without prejudice to the right of the Company to claim compensation for the loss incurred as per the agreement or the applicable laws. If the Beneficiary requests a re-connection after the quarantine period, the request will be treated as a new application. In such case, the Beneficiary will have a priority in allocating the same number as long as it is not assigned to another beneficiary.
      • No tariff will be charged for the period at which the service was barred
  • Prepaid Mobile Line
      • The prepaid mobile service is valid for 90 days from the first call and any subsequent re-charge after that or any transfer of funds. After 90 days have passed since the balance top-up, the canceled numbers will be subject to a 90-day quarantine period as indicated in the National Numbering Plan issued by TRA or other regulations and decisions regulating the numbers. If topping up took place during the grace period, a new validity period shall begin. If you do not recharge the balance during the grace period, the service will be suspended
      • When the Beneficiary requests suspension of the service, the Company shall return the security deposit, after deducting all dues from the Beneficiary to the Company.
      • In the event that a year has passed since the Beneficiary subscribed to the service and demonstrated a good commitment to a regular payment, i.e service was not restricted due to the failure to pay more than once during the last 12 months, the Company will have the jurisdiction either to return the deposit to the Beneficiary or retain the deposit.
    1. A security deposit recovery request shall be submitted at one of the Company's outlets by filling out the appropriate deposit recovery form and providing the identity and security deposit receipt. In the event of termination of service, the final settlement of the bill must be submitted, after which the security deposit will be returned in cash according to the procedure in force in the Company.
  • Re-assignment of prepaid and postpaid mobile numbers
    1. In the event that the account is terminated or not renewed during the quarantine period, the beneficiary will lose his number without prejudice to the right of the Company to take measures to be compensated for the loss incurred according to the agreement or the applicable laws. If the Beneficiary requests a re-connection of service after the quarantine period, his request will be treated as a new application. In such case, the Beneficiary will have priority in allocating the same number unless it has not been allocated to another beneficiary, or it is listed in the special numbers list that are allocated by auction.
  • Confidentiality of Customer Information
    1. Omantel or its approved agents may collect personal information of the Beneficiary for the purpose of providing service, sending bills, giving directory information and credit assessment. For any other use, prior consent of the Beneficiary shall be obtained.
    2. Omantel shall disclose Beneficiary information to law enforcement agencies to assist in prevention of crime and to emergency services in the performance of their duties, when demanded by these agencies. For all other entities, no personal information of customers will be disclosed without explicit consent of the Beneficiary.
  • Operator Assistance and Directory Listing
    1. Name and telephone number shall appear in the telephone directory upon the request of the Beneficiary. The number will be used for directory purpose only and no other information will be listed other than those permitted in accordance with the applicable rules.
  • Transfer of Telephone Numbers
    1. Assigned telephone number by the Company is not owned by the Beneficiary and may be changed or withdrawn at anytime after notifying the Beneficiary in accordance with the Number Plan Policy and with the approval of TRA
    2. Omantel has the right – with prior notice to the Beneficiary - to reassign or transfer number with proper notification and an explanation of the reasons for re-arrangement or transfer. Omantel is not liable for any loss, damage or cost incurred by the Beneficiary. The Company shall adhere to TRA directives during re-assigning or distribution of numbers.
    3. If the Beneficiary is not satisfied with the new assigned number, he has the right to:
      • Terminate the service and pay all dues until termination date.
      • Submitting a complaint to TRA
    4. The Beneficiary may keep the same telephone number when changing to another Service Provider in accordance with the directives issued by TRA.
  • Access to Customer Premises
    1. Beneficiary shall allow the Company employees to access the property to carry out specific tasks related to the provisioning of the service to the Beneficiary by the Company. The Company shall notify the Beneficiary in advance and agree on the date to access the property.
    2. In all cases, Omantel shall ensure that there is no damage to the property, all debris are removed and the premises are restored to their previous condition. In case of damage to property and/or contents, suitable compensation shall be paid by the Company
  • Limitation of Liability
    1. Without prejudice to the provisions of law and the responsibilities of the Company in accordance with decisions and licenses issued by TRA, the Company shall not be liable whatsoever towards the Beneficiary for any damage, in-direct, personal or profit loss caused except in cases of negligence or breach by the Company, its executives or employees.
  • Copyrights
    1. IAll content provided through Omantel Services is protected by copyrights and may not be distributed or supplied to any other person without the written consent of the copyright owner.
  • Applicable law
    1. Terms of service are subject to the provisions of the Telecommunications Regulation Law issued by Royal Decree No. 30/2002 as amended, including amendments issued by Royal Decree No. 64/2007 as well as the Consumer Protection Law promulgated by Royal Decree 8/2002 as well as all other relevant Omani laws.
  • Required documents for the Fixed Business Broadband (FBB) Agreement
    • A signed and sealed guarantee letterform the establishment undertaking to settle all bills related to the internet service (This must be on the official original letterhead prints NOT on a photocopy or a computer print.) (International with one year contractor without/Local etc) should be stated clearly on the letter. Applications will be rejected in case of noncompliance.
    • Copy of commercial registration certificate must be verified.
    • Copy of authorized signature must be verified.
    • PRO's lD and Labour card to be verified
    • A letter of authorization from the establishment to the PRO is to be attached.
    • Company’s seal is essential.
    Terms and conditions of the service
    • Standard customer agreement approved by Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) shall apply.
    • Service shall commence on the date specified by Omantel in writing.
      • The customer shall not use the service or user identification or password granted by Omantel for: a) Persistently sending messages without valid and good reason, causing any threat, harassment, annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to any person whosoever. b) Any other criminal or unlawful purpose such as but not limited to vice, gambling or obscenity or for carrying out any activity which is contrary to the social, cultural, political, or religious values of the Sultanate of Oman.
      • The service is personal. Customer shall not be entitled to trade on connectivity, resell, hire, transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of the service without the prior written approval of Omantel.
      • Any misuse or abuse of the service and any breach or violations of these conditions shall be at the sole risk, responsibility and cost of the customer. The customer shall indemnity and holds harmless Omantel against any liability arising directly or indirectly as a result of the misuse or abuse of the service or breach or violation of these conditions by the customer. However, nothing herein shall be taken or understood as prohibiting Omantel or restricting its right to initiate such criminal or civil proceedings as it deems appropriate against the Customer for enforcement of these conditions.
    • The Customer shall protect the secrecy of the password assigned to him at all times and shall ensure that the same is not revealed or disclosed in any manner whatsoever to any person or persons whomsoever. The Customer shall be fully responsible for and shall bear all charges, losses and damages arising from any use of his or her user identification and/or password by whosoever and howsoever the same may arise.
      • It is advisable that the customer changes the password from time to time to ensure security.
      • The customer shall, when accessing any other network through the service, comply with the rules appropriate for such other network.
      • The customer shall be solely responsible for the data retrieved, stored or transmitted through the service.
    • Any breach of the Customers responsibilities or obligations may lead to disconnection of the service with or without notice and legal action if applicable.
    • Omantel does not guarantee any specific response time for any method of access to the Internet.
      • Omantel disclaims all liability whatsoever, for any loss of data howsoever caused including without limitation, non-delivery, misuse, or mis-delivery or any interruption, suspension, or termination of service, or for the contents, accuracy or quality of information or resources made available or received or transmitted through the service.
    • 6. The charges for the service will be billed by Omantel monthly and the Customer will be responsible to pay the bill on a timely basis before the due date as mentioned on the bill.
      • The charges for the service shall be based on tariff/rates published by Omantel and any amendments thereto as may be introduced by Omantel from time to time.
    • These terms and conditions may be amended by Omantel without notice.
    • Submission of an application for the service shall be considered as acceptance and commitment by the Customer to comply with all the conditions and stipulations issued or amended from time to time for such service.
    • The Customer will be held responsible for messages that violates public order or public morals and mischievous and unwanted calls, which aim to disturb others.
    • Fair usage policy will apply to ensure fair allocation of network capacity to all users. In cases where certain customers’ usage is found to be excessive and/or unreasonable, fair usage policy shall apply. Excessive and/or unreasonable usage shall be determined by referring to the estimated customer usage within a calendar month.
    • Service is subject to availability of network.
    • A fixed line should be available for internet service.
    • In the event that corporate customer who have signed up for a one year commitment for fixed international service would like to terminate the agreement they shall be charged the difference between the actual charge with commitment and that applicable for customers without commitment and that for the entire used period.
    • Installation charges are to be determined by Omantel, and must be paid in full by the subscriber.
    • After notification to the subscriber, Omantel shall have the right to transfer this service to another exchange assigning a new number should the customer deny such change, he/she shall have the right to terminate the service and shall grant permission to run wires and erect poles on the subscribers’ property through a suitable right of way.
    • The subscriber shall allow access at all reasonable times to Omantel's employees for the execution of their duty for the purpose of maintaining, inspecting or receiving organization plant and equipment and shall grant permission to run wires and erect poles on the subscribers property through a suitable right of way.
    • Tampering with the service in any way by the subscriber is prohibited. Marks, words, numbers, etc. affixed to the equipment shall not be removed or altered.
    • Omantel shall maintain the equipment, hereunder proved, unless there is a specific agreement to the contrary that shall be stated in the work order. In any event, Omantel shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from interruption of this service.
    • The subscriber agrees to make no physical changes on the equipment arrangements of the service hereunder provided, except as may be covered by a written approval from Omantel. The subscriber shall also be held financially responsible for any damage to, or loss of equipment provided under these conditions caused by other than normal usage.
    • Guarantee valid for subscribers failing to pay and new subscribers.
    • The subscriber shall pay RO 5 reconnection fee after temporary disconnection.
    • Omantel shall provide a Fixed Line and broadband Internet handset only when available.
    • The application is applicable for business services and not applicable to individuals.
    • Out of bundle minutes will be charged according to applicable.
    • The subscriber will be offered the highest possible download speed on a best-effort basis.
    Additional terms and conditions for Business Broadband packages:

    Subscribers for all plans will be offered the highest possible download speed on the best effort basis according to the plan subscribed to.

    For Unlimited Business Broadband & Educational/ Social plans 40 Mbps and higher:
    • Are available only for a minimum contract period of 1 year (after which the contract will be auto renewed).
    • An early termination fee of RO 15 per month for the remaining period of the initial contract period is applicable.
    • The tariff is inclusive of the CPE at Omantel’s then current terms and conditions with installation charge for the Business Broadband service waived.
    • A downgrade fee of RO 5 will be applicable if the subscriber requests a downgrade of the speed on the unlimited plan. Such downgrade will only be available after the first year. Upgrades are free.
    For Top-up Business Broadband Plans
    • An installation fee of RO 10 is applicable
    • A downgrade fee of RO 5 will be charged in the event the subscriber requests the plan speed to be downgraded.
    • The validity period for each data package is 30 days and any unused data allowance will not be carried over to the next 30 days . In the event the data allowance in the selected package is exceeded the account will be automatically topped-up with the selected data package.
    • No minimum contract period applicable
    For Events Fixed Business Broadband Plans:
    • An Upfront payment for this service shall be made.
    • CPE is not included in any of the Plans.
    • CPE can be purchased as an option from Omantel at a charge of RO 100 or for an installation fee RO 30 should the subscriber utilize their own equipment.
    • Customer shall apply for the service minimum of 10 Business days before the Event date.
    • The applicable Subscription fee is not prorated and has a 30 day validity. Subscribers may use the service for longer periods subject to fees charged in 30 day increments.
    • In the event Omantel did not provide the service, Omantel shall refund the subscription, installation and modem fees only.