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Secrecy of data and protection of Intellectual property rights:

  • 1st party should commit to protect the Intellectual property rights owned and developed by the 2nd party for applying this service.

  • 2nd party should allow the 1st party to use the protection of Intellectual property rights of the 2nd party to apply the service within the required limits.
    This permit to be used only in this area and the 1st party has no right to authorize any other party to use these rights owned by 2nd party without written pre approval from the 2nd party.

  • The 2nd party only has the right to handout these rights to 3rd parties.

  • All these rights mentioned in this clause of this agreement is subject to the protection rules mentioned in the Royal Decree No(38/2000) regarding issuing the law of brands , information and commercial secrets and protection from the illegal competition and Royal Decree No. (39/2000) for issuing Industrial drawing and samples and related Laws.