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We offer connectivity to more than 20 undersea cable systems and operate five separate landing stations in Oman to ensure that our services are as diverse, reliable and trustworthy as possible. Our industry leading data centre facilities are strategically located around Oman and offer accessibility as well as protection of international standards from natural disasters.

We invest in global infrastructure to ensure the success of our partners and deliver ultra-low latency networking to more places around the world.

Why Choose Omantel International?

  • Access more than 14 undersea cable systems from a single provider
  • Take advantage of Oman’s unique geographic location to leverage ultra low latency networking in your operation
  • Support both your international undersea cable needs as well as co-location services with a single point of contact
  • Connect to Europe, Asia, Africa and across the Middle East from a single location
  • Trust us to deliver with a stable, neutral and open business environment and commitment to customer success