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Choose any plan that suits you

enjoy unlimited free calls with your colleagues.

Nama 2021 postpaid plans

Plans are designed to give you maximum value and flexibility. Choose any plan that suits you and enjoy unlimited free calls with your colleagues and other amazing value including more data, minutes and roaming benefits than ever before.



- Plans are available for Corporate and Government entities, and their employees.
- GoBiz allowances and unified rates are valid in over 145 countries. For details click here.
- GoBiz roaming minutes are valid for receiving calls, calling locally, and calling Oman.
- Local data sharing with 2 additional data-only SIMs @ RO 1 per SIM per month.
- Plans would be available on 24 months contract.
- CPN minutes are available to customers with 2 or more lines with Omantel.
- Customers may upgrade their packages anytime during the contract.
- In case of downgrade or termination or change to prepaid or change of ownership within the contract period, early exit fees shall apply as follows for employee lines:
(Monthly Rental * 2/24) x remaining no. of months from the contract.


Nama CPN


Nama CPN

It is a private numbering plan that links a minimum of 5 or more people within the company.

Mobile Internet


Mobile Internet

Do you use the internet a lot? Then you would definitely benefit from subscribing to one of our packages




Enjoy unified and discounted international roaming rates and travel with ease.

International Minutes


International Minutes

50 International Bundle for 2 OMR (ISD Destinations)

Out Of Bundle

Out of Bundle Nama Green+ & Blue+ Nama Orange+ & above
Out of Bundle On Net (Bz/min) 29 -
Out of Bundle Off Net (Bz/min) 39 -
Out of Bundle SMS (Bz/SMS) 10 -
Out of Bundle MB