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Omantel in cooperation with Huawei

has launched Smart Office Solution to accelerate digital transformation in the sultanate

Smart Office / Education Solution

We bring the most advanced and easy to roll out digital transformation solutions to Oman that will change how individuals and enterprises collaborate. It creates a seamless digital experience that enables new productivity levels for our enterprise customers and enhances efficient collaboration.

Smart Office

Smart Office solution includes wireless projection from MateBook or MatePad to the IdeaHub. The IdeaHub is at the heart of the Smart Office, including voice tracking and an intelligent camera that identifies and focuses on the speaker. The IdeaHub also features low latency writing, auto-correction and multiuser writing support, while users can send whiteboard content directly to their email.

Smart Education

Smart Education solution empowers swift rollout of education facilities with the iconic Smart board “IdeaHub” solution for classrooms which is perfect teaching requirements. The solution also is packaged with ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi solution, tablets and video surveillance to transform to most advanced level of teaching and learning experience

Omantel Smart Solution Key Features

Super Flexibility
Super Flexibility
  • Flexible payment plans

Super Time-saving
Super Time-saving
  • Ultra high speed wireless
  • Ultra fast integration
  • Cloud Driven
Easy to
Super Efficiency
Super Efficiency
  • Multi-location interaction
  • Cross-screen collaboration
  • Intelligent O&M
Super Experience
Super Experience
  • Seamless & secure information transfer
  • Multi sharing features
  • AI driven User experience

For more information, please contact us on ICTsolutions@omantel.om