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Digital Platform


BidBid is a digital platform that enables Omantel to obtain the best deposit rates in the market


  BidBid allows Omantel to invite banks & finance companies to bid on interest rates for its deposits. Bidders can see

each other’s bids, increasing competition for Omantel’s deposit, and ensuring the best rate is available.  

BidBid platform provides three benefits to its users: transparency, fairness, and control.

To register directly and participate in the online bidding process, Omantel must approve adding your financial institution to the list of bidders. 

If you are interested to have your organization added to the approved list of bidders by Omantel, please register at XXXXX

An account will be provided, in addition to training, for all users on how to use the Bidbid Digital Platform. 

For more information on Bidbid, please visit

Simply register and start bidding

NOTE: For any further inquires/support, please contact: