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Free Netflix on our new Unlimited BAQATI plans

Unlimited Baqati Al Ufuq

Postpaid plans are designed with your flexibility in mind,
you can now enjoy amazing value with Unlimited data & local minutes and more



Monthly subscription

Data Allowance

Local Minutes

Int’l Minutes

Roaming receiving minutes

World Roaming Data

Data Sharing

Discount - Google Play, App Store

* There is no limit on the data consumption. However, if you consume the allocated data volume, you may experience reduced speeds as low as 512 Kbps. You may still continue streaming videos, browsing the Internet and downloading content.

Terms and conditions

  • New Baqati plans will be available for new & existing customers including Hayyak and Port In customers
  • Existing postpaid customers can switch to the new plans using the Omantel App.
  • Data sharing service will be available for free with BAQATI Platinum & Ufuq plan only.
  • Baqati bronze, BAQATI silver, Baqati Gold & platinum would be available on 12 months contract.
  • BAQATI Blue will be available without a commitment contract.
  • International minutes are applicable to the 100 countries. Click the link for listed countries.
  • World roaming data & Roaming receiving minutes are applicable in 100++ countries. Click the link for listed countries.
  • In case a request such as downgrade or termination or change to prepaid or change of ownership within the contract period, early exit fees shall apply as follows: paying 1 month rental fees as early exit fees
  • Video calls will be charged pay as you go and will not be included as part of your monthly local minutes or unlimited calls


Extra Data


Extra Data

Choose the extra that suits your data consumption

Extra Voice


Extra Voice

Add voice national and international voice bundles to your plan




Jawazak gives you short term data while you travel in the GCC or World


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