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CSR Criteria

Omantel CSR Criteria

As much as it is focused on creating value for shareholders by maintaining a sound business and financial performance, our Company is also committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and enriching lives of the Sultanates people through CSR initiatives.

In supporting and implementing CSR initiatives, we utilize our own experience, reach and resources and work closely with our partners including government institutions, private sector organizations and non-profit organizations, to ensure that the aspired positive impact on the society is realized.

Omantel’s criteria for selecting
CSR projects:

Strategic relevance

With Omantel Corporate Strategy and CSR Strategy,
We seek to adopt innovative initiatives that are aligned with our core business “ICT and technology”.

Sustainability of the project

The project should have a long-lasting positive impact on the community/ target audience.

Alignment with Omantel CSR pillars

The project must focus on one or more of Omantel key CSR pillars, Education, Entrepreneurship,
Community Wellbeing and Environment.

Tangible benefits to the society

The project should provide tangible services and benefits to the society in Oman.

Exclusions (projects that are not covered):

  • Projects where the grant has no specific use or is used for general operational expenses.
  • Individuals / families, travel expenses, debt reduction
  • Conferences & events
  • Books publishing/ printing
  • Non registered charity organizations

Support for CSR initiatives

We are proud to be a key contributor in supporting numerous national CSR programs and initiatives. To assist in evaluating your proposal, please complete this application form.

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