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  • Family & Friends FAQ

    What is Family & Friends?


      Oman Mobile's Family & Friends has been designed to provide ideal savings scheme for customers making frequent calls to just few numbers.


    Who can subscribe to this service?


      Presently, only customers of Mada 3 and Hayyak can subscribe to this service.


    Why the subscribers to other Mada plans are not eligible for the service?


      Because the call rates are already discounted for subscribers of other Mada plans.


    How can I subscribe to this service?


      For Mada 3:
      To register all the 4 numbers together type A
      *9xxxxxxx *9xxxxxxx *9xxxxxxx *9xxxxxxx and send the SMS to 90098 to activate the service.

      To register numbers individually type A*9xxxxxxx and send the SMS to 90098 to activate the service.

      For Hayyak:
      To register the numbers call 1239 and follow the instructions.


    How many numbers can I add to my Family & Friends list?


      You can add up to 4 frequently called numbers of your choice in your Family & Friends list. The 4 selected numbers either should be all Oman Mobile numbers or all international numbers or can be a mix of both Oman Mobile and international numbers.


    Can I select any numbers for my Family & Friends list?


      You can select only Oman Mobile numbers and any international numbers.


    How much this service cost?


      This service costs only RO1 towards onetime activation charge.


    What is the discount rate for this service?


      The discount rate is 10% per selected Oman Mobile number and 5% on per selected international number on the applicable call rate.


    Can I change the numbers on my list?


      Yes, you can change the numbers on your Family & Friends list.


    How can I change the numbers on my list?


      For Mada 3: Type in the command R*old number*new number and send it to 90098.  For eg. R*9xxxxxxx*9xxxxxxx


    How much does it cost to change a number on my Family & Friends list?


      You will be charged 500 Bz for every change of numbers in the list.


    Shall I get discount if I subscribe in the middle of the month?


      You shall get discount with immediate effect even if you subscribe in the middle of the month.



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