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    What is MADA package?


      MADA Package offers different options for the subscriber in which he gets in each package a number of minutes and SMS messages included in the package at a lower rate, to suit the subscriber’s monthly consumption, Oman mobile offers four packages for the subscriber to choose from.


    What is the benefit from MADA packages?


      Oman mobile has introduced a new method to suit each subscriber and his normal monthly consumption , this new method can also help him in knowing how much he consumed and how much balance is left for him till the end of the month , in this way the subscriber can control his phone calls and put a limit for it.


    What happens if a subscriber exceeds the number of minutes and SMS in his package?


      If the subscriber exceeds the number of minutes included in the package, he will be charged for every extra minute a lower rate than the basic TARIFF as shown in the MADA package table.


    What happens if the subscriber applies for a MADA that exceeds his previously specified ceiling limit?


      In this case we will not activate the service because of exceeding the limit therefore subscriber has to visit the nearest customer service counter and apply for increasing his limit personally.


    How can I subscribe to MADA? What are the procedures and subscription fees?


      There is a kind of transparency and flexibility when dealing between Oman mobile telecommunications company and the subscribers therefore several ways have been introduced for subscription

      *Existing (Already) Subscriber:
      SMS: by sending an SMS specifying in it the required MADA (3, 10, 20, and 40) and sending it to (90010) then receiving an SMS to confirm his required MADA.

      Customer Counters: By visiting any of the customer’s service counters.

      *Please note: Activation of this service will start from the first day of the next month not at the time of requesting the service. (Applying date).

      *For new subscribers:
      New subscribers must visit the nearest customer service counter and make the required procedures for subscription and register the suitable MADA in the application form, subscriber will be charged for the service fees.

      *For Corporate subscribers:
      Corporate subscribers will have to apply through Customer service counter. The SMS provisioning facility will not be available for corporate customers.

      *Please note: For subscribers who apply for the service in April the activation of the service will be effective from 1st May 2005, and for subscribers who apply for the service after 1st May 2005 the service will be activated from the date of applying for the service.


    Can the MADA or package be changed?


      Yes, each subscriber may change the MADA at any time by sending a SMS specifying the new required MADA to the number (90010), and then he/she will receive an SMS to inform him/her of activating the new MADA, starting from the first day of the next month. Subscribers may also visit Oman Mobile and Omantel customer service counters.


    Are there any fees for changing the Mada?


      The customer will be allowed three switches free of charge. Then, he/she will be charge R.O 1 for each switch.


    Are outgoing calls to Nawras subscribers considered from the number of minutes in the package?


      Yes, the outgoing calls to Nawras subscribers will be debited from the minutes.


    ill the international calls be debited during the international roaming from the minutes in the package?


      No, we will not debit the international roaming calls from the minutes in the package; it will be debited separately, whereas these minutes in the package are for local calls only.


    Can the customer roll-over the unused minutes to the next month if he/she didn’t consume all of the included minuets at the end of the month?


      No, if the month ends without consuming all the minutes, you will loose the remaining balance since the minutes cannot be carried over to the next month.


    What happens if a subscriber applies for one of MADA in the middle of the month?


      In this case subscriber will be offered all the specifications in the package (minutes and SMS) starting from the day, and he will be charged for the whole package.


    What is the actual value (amount) of minutes included?


      When calculating the actual value of minutes in the MADA the subscriber must take in consideration that each MADA includes the monthly rental, value of minutes and SMS therefore the value of the minutes included is as per the following:



      Monthly Package fee (RO)

      Monthly fixed rental (RO)

      Actual Talk Value (RO)

      Talk Time Incl. (min)

      Package per min. cost

      Mada 10









      31 Bz

      Mada 20









      28 Bz

      Mada 40









      24 Bz


    How will you calculate the diverted phone calls from my phone to another phone?


      Diverted phone calls will be deducted from your included minutes, if you have consumed all your minutes for the month we will calculate these minutes as per the extra minutes in each MADA packages.



    How will the subscriber be accounted in case of a temporary disconnection?


      In this case the monthly rent will not be debited for the MADA but an amount of R.O 3 will be debited each month for a period of 3 months or till the service is back, when the service is back the MADA package will be reactivated same as per the MADA before the temporary disconnection.


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