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Push To Talk Solution

Communicate instantly with Hawwil Push To Talk

Manage your worksite like never before with instant communication,
top-level security, and exceptional reliability.

Key Features

Hawwil Push To Talk can quickly coordinate resources, reduce communication costs, and allow teams to quickly
respond to tasks in narrow timeframes.

Instant Call and Receipt

Equip your field teams with one touch
calling for instant communications
with groups or individuals.

Voice, Video, and Data Sharing

Send and receive highly secure text, photos,
videos, files, alerts, and locations
on a reliable network.

Emergency Calling

Every second counts.
Call for immediate assistance with
the special emergency button.

Secure One-to-One and Group Calling

Make secure one-to-one or one-to-many
calls with teams in the field and in the command
center without fear of leaks and interception.


Get more visibility and control with a
dispatcher. Manage field staff from a
central command center to provide agile
response to dynamic work conditions.

Nationwide Coverage

Connect people wherever they are over
Omantel’s 4G LTE network coverage area.

Ideal For

Oil & Gas

Hospitality & Event Management
Security & Safety

Benefits of Hawwil Push To Talk

Instant communication meets top-level security to manage your work site with highest safety standards


• Real-time instant communication
• Improved efficiency via video,
data, and recording features
• Centerlized command center
& dispatch

Occupational Safety

• Employee safety monitoring
• Emergency communication
• Intrinsically safe devices
• Location Tracking

Network Reliability

• Operator-managed network
• Nationwide LTE Coverage
• End to end encryption
• High quality of service

Add-on feature


You can now monitor and manage the operations from a central command center

Subscription Fee:

500 OMR / month


i.safe Mobile IS330.1

ecom Ex-Handy 10

ecom Smart-Ex 02
  • Android™ 10.
  • Bluetooth® 5
  • Dual nano-SIM
  • External memory microSD up to 128 GB/li>
  • 2,4 GHz + 5 GHz: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/e/k/r/h with max. 8 connections hotspot
  • 2 cameras: 13 MP AF rear camera and 5 MP FF front camera
  • Near Field Communication
  • Universal, lateral ISM interface
  • SOS key Loneworker protection LWP ready (third party application required, based on country specific regulations)
  • Replaceable SIM.
  • Global certificates - a common hardware platform.
  • Wireless connections such as WWAN, 4G LTE, WLAN and Bluetooth®.
  • Android™ Enterprise Recommended verified device.
  • GPS.
  • NFC technology for wireless applications.
  • Service contract.
  • Programmable hardware buttons.
  • Special buttons for lone worker protection (LWP) applications.
  • Latest firmware release: Android™.
  • Replaceable SIM.
  • Global certificates - a common hardware platform.
  • Android™ 9 operating system.
  • Upgrade to Android™ 11 now available.
  • Wireless connections such as WWAN, 4G LTE, WLAN, etc.
  • Android™ Enterprise Recommended verified device.
  • GPS.
  • NFC technology for wireless applications.
  • Service contract.
  • Programmable hardware buttons.
  • Special buttons for lone worker protection (LWP) applications.


Terms & Conditions

  • Network coverage is available in all locations where Omantel 4G/LTE is available.
  • New additional groups must have at least 10 members.
  • The service will be provided in a private network without access to the public internet.


What is Hawwil Push To Talk?

Hawwil Push To Talk (PTT) is a secure platform using 3GPP standards that offers near-instant individual and group communication services with high reachability and availability, tailored to the safety standards of mission-critical operations.

What is the difference between Essential and Ultimate?

Hawwil Ultimate builds on the Hawwil Essential with more groups for each user and includes location-sharing services and video calling for the best communications experience.

Do I need a voice and data plan with Hawwil Push To Talk?

No. Omantel offers the Push To Talk as a standalone service.

I call my field staff on their mobile. Why do I need Hawwil?

While direct calls are effective, they are limited by both parties' availability: the sender must dial a phone number and the recipient must pick up the phone to listen. Hawwil Push To Talk delivers voice and multimedia instantly to recipients: only the sender needs to pick up the phone and push the talk button. Additionally, Hawwil can instantly communicate to groups of users, departments, and teams, avoiding the need to pre-arrange conference meetings or merge calls.

I send tasks to my staff in an app. Do I need an additional device for Hawwil?

The Dispatcher service brings all staff management requirements into one platform. The dispatcher can send tasks and work requirements to all users from a central command center, broadcast calls, create temporary groups, interrupt/override, and more.

How does user and group prioritization work?

During high network load, the Mission Critical Fq-band prioritizes mission critical usage and limits commercial usage. During very high load, the highest priority users and groups allocate network capacity first, then lower priority users and groups sequentially use the remaining capacity. Omantel can configure priority levels as per client requirements. Note: emergency calling always takes the highest priority.

How do emergency calls work?

Users in distress can trigger hands-free emergency calling. Emergency calls take the highest priority on the network.

Staff visit some locations that do not have 4G/LTE coverage. Will Push To Talk work there?

Omantel will assess the usage requirements and evaluate options to extend network access to meet the client's usage needs.

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