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National Cloud

Empowering your journey into tomorrow's cloud

Empowering your journey into tomorrow's cloud

About Omantel National Cloud

What is National Cloud

With National Cloud from Omantel, we facilitate Oman's digital revolution with secure and local data hosting, coupled with cutting-edge cloud services and hyperscaler capabilities right at your doorstep.

Ensuring both security and regulatory compliance while reducing infrastructure investment costs, our cutting-edge technologies and cohesive solutions, backed by our integrated ecosystem and robust network, will support you with the extensive expertise and strategic partnerships you need for your transformation.

Transformational Cloud Leadership

Our unrivaled Infrastructure, Technology, and Expertise as a Service transcend mere solutions; they epitomize the very essence of the future . We understand that your success is more than just a destination; it's a unique journey. We are your dedicated partner in driving innovation, ensuring every step of your path is crafted for your success.

Unleashing Oman's Digital Potential

With National Cloud, the future is now. We're not just offering cloud services; we're unlocking a world of transformational possibilities for Oman's businesses and government. Driving technological progress, we're your partners in national growth and pioneers in shaping a digitally empowered future.

Why Choose National Cloud?

Advantages of Omantel National Cloud

Business Agility

Experience the speed of rapid deployment and seamless adaptability to change, with swift policy implementation and service responsiveness.

Cost Saving

Unlock unprecedented savings in operational costs as you harness the full potential of our sophisticated resource management, allowing you to optimize expenditure with our efficient cloud architecture.

Innovative Solutions

Unlock 30+ cloud services, tailored to meet your every need with precision and care.

Reliable Data Protection

Safeguarding national and enterprise data with dual-core and backup data centers, featuring fully redundant facilities (1+1) compliant with global security standards.

Scalable Cloud Solution

Unleash the power of scalability as our cloud infrastructure seamlessly adapts to fluctuating workloads, ensuring you agility in the face of ever-changing requirements.

Unified Service Desk

Streamline your operations by managing all your telecom & cloud solutions from one place.

We believe Cloud is the Foundation of Digital Transformation. Do you?

We believe Cloud is the Foundation of Digital Transformation. Do you?

Empowering Excellence Through Omantel National Cloud!

Products & Services

Elastic Cloud Server

An Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is a fundamental computing unit with vCPUs, memory, OS, and Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks. You create an ECS by specifying vCPUs, memory, OS, and login mode. Once created, you can use it in the cloud like a local PC or physical server, modifying specifications as needed. ECS ensures reliable, secure, and efficient computing for your applications.

Image Management Service

An image is a cloud server or disk template comprising an operating system (OS), service data, or essential software. The Image Management Service (IMS) enables comprehensive image lifecycle management. Create ECSs or BMSs using public, private, or shared images. Generate a private image from a cloud server or external file for simplified workload migration to or within the cloud.

Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling (AS) helps you automatically scale Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) and bandwidth resources to keep up with changes in demand based on pre-configured AS policies. It allows you to add ECS instances to handle increases in load and also save money by removing ECSs that are sitting idle.

Cloud Container Engine

Cloud Container Engine (CCE) is a scalable, high-performance container service. It is built on Docker technology and scales your applications within seconds. CCE also provides fast application shipping and deployment, automatic O&M, and other Docker container lifecycle management features.

Elastic Volume Service

Elastic Volume Service (EVS) offers scalable block storage for cloud servers. With high reliability, high performance, and a variety of specifications, EVS disks can be used for distributed file systems, development and test environments, data warehouses, and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. Cloud servers that EVS supports include Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) and Bare Metal Servers (BMSs).

Elastic Volume Service-SSD

Elastic Volume Service (EVS-SSD) provides highly durable block storage for Huawei Cloud servers such as Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) and Bare Metal Servers (BMSs). EVS offers 99.9999999% durability and as little as sub-millisecond read/write latency for a broad range of mission-critical applications.

Object Storage Service

OBS provides secure, scalable cloud storage for vast data. Easily manage resources, create, modify, and delete buckets, and upload, download, and delete objects. With unlimited storage capacity, OBS caters to diverse user needs, supporting APIs over HTTP/HTTPS for seamless access and management. Use OBS Console or OBS Browser+ anytime, anywhere. Deploy in multiple regions for high scalability and reliability.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) enables you to easily back up Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs), Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks, and SFS Turbo file systems. In case of a virus attack, accidental deletion, or software or hardware fault, you can use the backup to restore data to any point when the data was backed up.

Virtual Private Cloud

VPC creates secure, isolated virtual networks for ECSs, enhancing cloud resource security and simplifying network deployment. Configure and manage networks, create security groups, VPNs, and define rules for secure communication within or between ECSs. Quickly adapt to changes in IP ranges, bandwidth sizes, and network configurations within your VPC.

Elastic Load Balance

Elastic Load Balance (ELB) automatically distributes incoming traffic across multiple backend servers based on the listening rules you configure. ELB expands the service capabilities of your applications and improves their availability by eliminating single points of failure (SPOFs).

Elastic IP

The Elastic IP (EIP) service enables your cloud resources to communicate with the internet using static public IP addresses and scalable bandwidths. EIPs can be bound to or unbound from ECSs, BMSs, virtual IP addresses, or load balancers.
Each EIP can be bound to only one cloud resource and they must be in the same region.

NAT Gateway

NAT gateways translate private IP addresses into EIPs, and are used by cloud servers in a VPC for secure, cost-effective Internet access. Private NAT gateways translate between private IP addresses, and are used between VPCs or your VPC and on-premises data center to keep legacy networks running after cloud migration.

VPC Endpoint

The VPC Endpoint (VPCEP) service provides secure and private channels to connect your VPCs to VPC endpoint services, including cloud services or your private services. It allows you to plan networks flexibly without having to use EIPs.

Direct Connect

Direct Connect establishes a dedicated connection between your data center and the cloud. You can use one connection to access cloud computing resources in different regions, helping build a secure and reliable hybrid environment.

Virtual Private Network

Ensures secure communication between different networks, allowing for encrypted data transmission.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a basic service that provides permissions management to help you securely control access to your cloud services and resources.

Fine-grained Policy Management (PDP)

A fine-grained policy is a set of permissions that define operations allowed to be performed on specific cloud services. A policy can contain multiple permission sets. After a policy is attached to a user group, users in the user group inherit the permissions of the policy. IAM implements fine-grained access control based on the permissions defined by policies.

Cloud Eye

Cloud Eye is a multi-dimensional resource monitoring service. You can use Cloud Eye to monitor resources, set alarm rules, identify resource exceptions, and quickly respond to resource changes.

Simple Message Notification

SMN, a large-scale O&M message service, efficiently sends messages to endpoints like phone numbers and email addresses. Using a publish/subscribe model, SMN enables one-to-multiple message subscriptions. Publishers send messages to topics, and SMN delivers to subscribers. Topics act as logical access points, with unique names and configurable policies for permissions.

Web Application Firewall

WAF ensures web service stability and security by examining and blocking attacks like SQL injection, XSS, and more. After enabling WAF, add your domain to the console. WAF filters illegitimate traffic, allowing only legitimate traffic to reach your origin server for enhanced site security.

Container Guard Service

Container Guard Service (CGS) scans vulnerabilities and configurations in images, helping enterprises detect the container environment, which cannot be achieved by the traditional security software. CGS also delivers functions such as process whitelist configuration, read-only file protection, and container escape detection to minimize the security risks for a running container.

Database Security Service

Database Security Service (DBSS) is an intelligent database security service. Based on the machine learning mechanism and big data analytics technologies, it can audit your databases, detect SQL injection attacks, and identify high-risk operations.

Hosting Service provider

HSP, a personal security manager, prevents VM escapes and offers functions like asset and vulnerability management, intrusion detection, and file integrity management. Real-time hacker intrusion detection ensures compliance and helps enterprises build robust server security systems, reducing major security risks.

Host Security Service

Host Security Service (HSS) defends your Linux and Windows cloud servers from the inside out, with a suite of advanced security features including powerful brute-force protection, intrusion detection monitoring, and vulnerability fixes

Cloud Bastion Host

Cloud Bastion Host (CBH) is a unified security management and control platform. It provides account, authorization, authentication, and audit management services that enable you to centrally manage cloud computing resources.

Application Operation Management

AOM: A one-stop O&M platform for cloud apps. Monitors, collects, and analyzes real-time data on application health, offering flexible alarms and rich visualization. Detect faults promptly and master real-time app, resource, and service statuses.


MySQL is one of the world's most popular open-source relational databases. It works with the Linux, Apache, and Perl/PHP/Python to establish a LAMP model for efficient web solutions. RDS for MySQL is reliable, secure, scalable, inexpensive, and easy to manage.

RDS for PostgreSQL

RDS for PostgreSQL is a highly advanced open-source database management system, prioritizing extensibility and standards compliance. Renowned for its reliability and data integrity, it excels in processing complex OLTP transactions and supports various data types like NoSQL (JSON, XML, or hstore) and GIS. This database is widely utilized in websites, location-based applications, and complex data object processing, earning a reputation as the go-to solution for diverse and demanding scenarios.

Data Replication Service

Data Replication Service (DRS) is a stable, efficient, and easy-to-use cloud service for database online migration and synchronization.It simplifies data migration processes and reduces migration costs.You can use DRS to quickly transmit data between databases in various scenarios.

Data Admin Service

DAS: A comprehensive database management platform accessible via web console. Offering database development, O&M, and intelligent diagnosis, it simplifies usage and maintenance. Tailored functions for developers eliminate the need for local client installations. Enjoy a best-in-class, visualized operation experience with features like data and table structure synchronization, online editing, and intelligent SQL prompts.

Smart City

Digital Banking SaaS Solution

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Medical Imaging Solution

Smart Education Solution

Smart Campus Solution

Data Enablement Government Solution

Digital Human General Solution

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Terms and Conditions

Where is the hosting location of National Cloud and how can I access it?

National Cloud has 2 regions which are Muscat and Duqm, and our data centers are located in geographically secure locations. you can directly access the tenant console of National Cloud through Internet and subscribe the cloud services in either of these two regions based on your business requirements.

How does National Cloud secure my data on the cloud?

We have enhanced the security and compliance of our data centers, networks, and other infrastructure based on industry best practices, so that you can migrate services to the cloud, stay focused on your business, and leave the security to us.

Does National Cloud Transfer My Data to Other Regions?

You can decide where your content data is stored. National Cloud will not transfer your content data to other regions without your explicit consent or unless required by legal obligations.

What services can I use to improve cloud security?

National Cloud provides a series of multi-dimensional and in-depth security services that integrate hardware and software. You can find the security services such as Host Security Service (HSS) and Web Application Firewall, which can protect your cloud workloads and applications.

Why Customer Choose National Cloud ?

- Accelerate time to business value - Increase innovation - Improve security - Hybrid cloud capabilities - Trade upfront investments for pay-as-you-go consumption model - Increase speed and agility - Streamline and enhance infrastructure decisions - Enhance the Profit margins

- Accelerate time to business value

- Increase innovation

- Improve security

- Hybrid cloud capabilities

- Trade upfront investments for pay-as-you-go consumption model

- Increase speed and agility

- Streamline and enhance infrastructure decisions

- Enhance the Profit margins

What is business value to Use National Cloud Products?

Cost saving: will allow you to reduce the infrastructure spend. Staff productivity: will allow you to utilize IT employees to more strategic work. Operational resilience: will decrease unplanned downtime Business agility: will allow you to decrease your time to market for new products.

- Cost saving: will allow you to reduce the infrastructure spend.

- Staff productivity: will allow you to utilize IT employees to more strategic work.

- Operational resilience: will decrease unplanned downtime

- Business agility: will allow you to decrease your time to market for new products.

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