Personal Secur.Net
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Give your Data Unlimited Protection with SecurNet

Enjoy your digital life in a secure way and Keep your mobile free from threats & harmful websites.

With SECURNET, protect yourself and your family against malicious websites with advanced

parental control features like Content Filters, Pause, Break Time, and Study Time.

Enjoy a one-month FREE subscription of SecurNet!  

All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. 5% VAT will be added to the price upon purchase.

Know the advantage

A security solution that protects your mobile phone while browsing the internet.

1. Safe browsing on the mobile network: Threats are immediately blocked on the mobil network, and you will be informed through notification on Omantel App

2. Parental Control: Protect your family from inappropriate content and unbalanced online
usage. You just have to add your family numbers, and then you can manage the type of
content allowed and set quiet time, all through Omantel App.

3. Easy and simple to use: through Omantel App, you can activate and manage the service

4. Stay protected from any threats:
    a. Real time protection: You are protected from malicious websites, personal data theft and other phishing, spyware and botnet attacks.
    b. Setting up trusted content: through Omantel App, you can define the categories of content to block, the safe websites that are allowed, and view reports of events blocked on your family's numbers.
5. View reports from the control panel through Omantel App:
    a. Threat blocking: we immediately block access to dangerous websites and notify you via an alert message on your device screen.
    b. Content blocking: we block access to websites based on the defined categories in Omantel SecurNet. You can change these settings whenever you want.
    c. User management from the security portal: You can define one or more users for allthe family members and manage all the numbers transversally.
    d. Reports on Omantel App: You can view personalized security and parental control statistics for the added numbers.