Personal Number Auction
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Number Auction

It's your chance
to own this unique number

The mobile number auctioning System will allow you to bid on your favorite
Diamond and Golden category mobile numbers. Simply register and start bidding.
Please review the terms and conditions before registering in this service.


Get your unique Mobile Number NOW!

Simply register and start bidding

Auction Plan


1st Auction 19th - 20th February 2024
2nd Auction 25th - 26th April 2024
3rd Auction 30thJune - 1stJuly 2024
4th Auction 11th - 12th August 2024
5th Auction 22nd - 23rd October 2024
6th Auction 1st - 2nd December 2024

Awarded Number





  1. How can I participate in the auction?
    To join the auction: If it's your first time, you need to register and pay a fee of OMR 10. If you've participated before, activate your account, and pay a fee of OMR10. Remember to do this during the registration period.

  2. How can I register?
    During the registration period, you have the option to choose either "Register Now" if it's your first time or "Activate my Account" if you are already registered from a previous event.

  3. How long is the registration period?
    24 Hours

  4. Is there any fee to participate in the auction?
    Yes, OMR10 non-refundable

  5. How long is the bidding?
    6 hours

  6. When registration required?
    For each auction, Registration OR account activation is required to enroll.

  7. I forgot my password. What can I do?
    Use "forgot my password" feature and enter your email and mobile number used for registration, then you will receive an email & SMS with your new password.

  8. What is the max numbers that I can bid on ?
    10 numbers maximum.

  9. Can the auction’s time be extended?
    Yes, based on operator’s request and TRA’s approval.

  10. What will happen to my account after the auction?
    The account will be available but disabled and should be activated for each auction.

  11. How can I add numbers to My Favorites?
    When you bid on any number, it will be added to MY FAVOURITES automatically.


  1. When I can register?
    During the registration period only.

  2. Can I edit my registration information and when?
    You can update your registration information during the registration period only. You can only change the mobile number. Note that the email address used as your username cannot be changed.

  3. Can I use the same account during all auctions?
    Yes, activation of your account is required for each auction in order get a bidder number.

  4. Why should I use a mobile number registered with my ID during registration?
    The owner of the account will be the owner of the used mobile number, and the awarded number can be activated by the owner of the number.

  5. Can I use any mobile number during registration?
    You should use a number registered in Oman only (+968) with your ID.

  6. How can I pay the registration fee?
    Registration fee can only be paid online, and during the registration period.


  1. Can I cancel my bidding?
    No, bids are final.

  2. Is there a minimum bidding amount?
    Yes. Bidding must be OMR10 or higher depending on the number’s classification class.

  3. When can I bid?
    During the bidding period only.


  1. Who will own the awarded number?
    The owner of the registered mobile number gets the awarded number.

  2. How do I check if I've won a number?
    You'll receive SMS and email notifications, and you can also view the awarded numbers in the system.

  3. What should I do after awarding?
    If you are awarded any number, you should pay the bidding amount within the specified period, or you will lose the number.

  4. What will happen if I don't pay the bidding amount for awarded number during specific period?
    You will lose the awarded numbers.


  1. When Payment Required?
    Payment is required during the registration, account activation, and for the awarded numbers.

  2. Can I view my payments ?
    Yes, you can check your payments after logging in, under "My Payments."


  1. How Can I activate the awarded number?
    After paying the required fee, you can visit your operator’s outlet and request for activation.

  2. When can I activate my awarded number?
    Any time after paying the award amount.