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Postpaid & Prepaid WiFi Services in Oman | Omantel


Omantel WiFi

Ibhar is a broadband wireless service which enables you to access the internet wirelessly at public places using a WiFi enabled laptop, Tablet or mobile device. New customers can apply at any of our counters in Muscat.

Ibhar for fixed lines

How to use the service?

You have two options to start using Ibhar:

  • Option 1: Buying a prepaid voucher from any of the Omantel WiFi hotspots.
  • Option 2: If you are dial-up/ADSL Customer you can also access Omantel WiFi through the same username and password that you are using to access your Internet


Ibhar Prepaid Vouchers Hours Validity Available
3 OMR/- 3 1 month from first login All WiFi locations, except Hotels
5 OMR/- 6 3 months from first login All WiFi locations, except Hotels
15 OMR/- 12 3 days Only Hotels*

*You can buy 15 OMR voucher from hotels only and you can use it in other WiFi locations such as cafes, shopping malls etc.

Ibhar for Mobile Phones

How to use the service?

  1. Simply connect to the wireless network (hotspot).
  2. Open your internet browser and select Oman Mobile.
  3. Enter your mobile number and select a plan.
  4. Confirm your option to get your username and password.


Price Hours Validity
3 OMR/- 3 1 month from first login
5 OMR/- 6 3 month from first login


  • Available for all Baqati and Hayyak users.
  • A WIFI-enabled device (laptop/ PDA/ mobile phone) is required.
  • To get your account information SMS ibhar to 90088.