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Fix your phone or replace it with fixed fees

Protect Plans

Omantel Protect Plus is a repair or replacement service for smartphones, where the device will repair for accidental damages out of warranty, including broken screens or spill of liquids, humidity, dants, sand damage,dropping or impacts, robbery and burglary. If the device is beyond economical repair, it will be replaced.

It is mandatory to have the smartphone and the service subscription on the same invoice when buying from Omantel stores.

Cover Broken screens, spill of liquids, humidity, dants, sand damage,dropping or impacts, robbery and burglary.
Maximum Claims 2 claims for repair or 1 replacment.
Protection ServiceDuration 12/24 Months
Service fees
Annual premium OMR 36
Claims Deductible 10%


  1. Repairing Smartphone’s accidental out of warranty damages.
  2. If the damage is beyond economical repair, customer pays (Replacement Fees*) and the phone will be replaced.
  3. Repairs & Replacement services are certified services conducted by professional technicians.
* Replacement fees: It is the percentage of bearing the cost of the claim at 10% of the actual value of the claim.


  1. In case of accidental damage of the device the insured person must call contact center of the insurance company to declare the claim to the following number 22826761 or to th following email address: .
  2. You will get a response from the Call Center* / by email to direct you to the authorize service center (Mi-Care) after claim accepted to deliver the damaged gadget.
  3. Needs to back up software and data* residing on the covered equipment
  4. Technical service center will provided by a claim form signed by both parties (Insured Person and technical service). This claim form shall be presented eventually at the time of collection of the repaired/replaced Gadget.
  5. Once the gadget device is ready for delivery, the workshop or the call center will call directly asking to pickup the device.
* During hardware service, the authorized service canter will delete the contents of the covered gadget device and format the storage media.
** The call center available 24 hours, but the claims management at the service center shall be handled only during working hours (from 8.00 am to 16.00 pm).

Terms and conditions

  • The customer cannot ask for a refund or any extra services that are not mentioned under the plan.
  • This services avilable on the time of purchasing device only and it's not renewalable or extened.
  • This insurance is not transferable to any subsequent owner of the Insured Device.
  • The device besides the general information must be identified on the insurance certificate with the following: IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) or serial number
  • The insured customer is entitled to a maximum of: 2 claims for repair to insured device or 1 replacement for the duration of the Insurance.
  • The Insurance Certificate shall automatically terminate when the insured device replaced with the new one or claiming two repairs.
  • The maximum limit for replacement cost for the whole duration of the insurance certificate will be in any case, the purchase value of the insured device.
  • There will be no warranty on the gadgets device repaired under this agreement, and the repair warranty for parts repaired will be for 30 days.
  • In cases where the unit is beyond repair and reached its end of life cycle in the market, the service providers shall propose alternate model having similar features to be replaced to Insured Person.
  • This service is provided by a third party (Dhofar Insurance Company) for more detail vist check the Policy Wording.


What is Omantel Protect Plus service for Smartphones?

Omantel Protect Plus service is a repair or replacement service for smartphones, where the device will be repaired for accidental out of warranty damages including broken screens or liquid, humidity, dents, sand damages, robbery and burglary.. If the device is beyond economical repair it will be replaced.

What type of gadgets does Omantel Protect cover?

Omantel Protect Plus covers multi-device brands and models, like Apple, Samsung and Huawei smartphones acquired with Omantel Device Plans.

What are the main areas covered by Omantel Protect Plus?

Omantel Protect Plus covers incidents not included in the warranty, such as: • Damage by sand, water, humidity, dropping, impacts, robbery and burglary.. • Abrasion. • warranty related issues are not included in the insurance.

What shall I do in case of accidental damage to my smartphone?

In case of accidental damage to your device gadget, the insured person must call the contact center of the insurance company to declare the claim to the following number 22826761 or to the following email address: The insurance company representative will take care of your inquiry and facilitate in initiating the claim and guide you about repairs and/ or replacement

What is the Service Center authorized for Device Insurance services ?

We slected on of authorized service partner with numerous years of experience in serving customers in the Omanmarket. Mi-care service center have highly qualified team is well trainedand certified by the manufacturers to handle all Apple products and others prands, by following manufacturer systems, guidelines, and use manufacturer approved and genuine service equipment and spare parts while servicing the products. Additionally, they adhere to all the expected service requirements and standards in order to make the customer’s experience as perfect as it can be.

What documents to be presented at the time of submitting a claim?

Copy of the Insured Customer identification Card (ID), passport. 2. Copy of the Certificate of Insurance. 3. Insurance claim form.

How many claims am I entitled along the contract period?

This plan covers accidental damages, and offers up to 2 repairs / 1 Repair, 1 Replacement or 1 Replacement depending upon the damage or claim type.

Is “Omantel Protect Plus” Plan coverage still valid after the first replacement of my smartphone?

“Omantel Protect Plus” Plan coverage will expire upon the first replacement of your device (Apple, Samsung ,Huawei, else of the listed Omantel insuered smartphone devices.

Does “Omantel Protect Plus” plan covers used smartphones?

No, “Omantel Protect Plus” only covers new gadgets devices (Apple, Samsung & Huawei, else..) acquired with Omantel as a device add-ons on the time of purchasing.

Can I get reimbursed in case of accidental damage?

No, there are no reimbursements.

How do I link my insurance to my purchased phone?

The main link between the insurance and your phone is the phone IMEI number for the phone you have purchased from Omantel stores. Please note that in case the customer replaces a device for any warranty related issues (outside insurance) and the device IMEI is changed, the customer must present proof of replacement from the official service center including the old and new IMEI.

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