Personal 5G BAQATI Data Only
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Get introduced to 5G BAQATI Data-Only Plans with affordable Device instalment

The most flexible offers from Omantel’s postpaid service that have been designed to match your lifestyle.

All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. 5% VAT will be added to the price upon purchase.

Data Add-ons

5G Add on






To avail this offer, kindly visit your nearest Omantel outlet

Terms & Conditions

  • For postpaid plans, 5% VAT will be charged extra.

  • 5G Baqati Data-only Plans can be taken without the MIFI Device too.

  • Customers can opt for a 5G device Mi Fi with monthly instalment as device commitment.

  • The data Quota is applicable to National Data only 

  • In case the customer consumes all his data quota, can subscribe to addon. Pay as you go is blocked.

Device Specification

Company Model Name Specification Installement Price (12 months)
HUAWEI 5G MOBILE WIFI Capacity: 4000 mAh
18 W FastCharge
Weight About 180 g
RO 10.00
HTC 5G HUB Capacity: 7,660 mAh
DC Charging (12V/2.5A)
Weight-340 g
RO 20.000
ZTE ZTE MU5001 5G Mini Router Capacity: 4500mAH
DC Charging (12V/2.5A)
Weight-340 g
RO 8.000
Meig Meig SRT873 5G Mi Fi portable router Li-ion Battery 5000mAh
Weight 200g
RO 5.000