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Inspired by the crescent moon

The crescent moon is perhaps the most iconic symbol of Ramadan. Throughout the blessed month, it grows larger and larger, shining brighter and brighter.

It is a beautiful metaphor for the goodness that grows in our hearts as we do good deeds.

This Ramadan…

We bring to you a captivating story full of imagination and wonder. In it, we meet a curious little boy who wonders why the Ramadan moon starts so small and grows so bright. In a story filled with a beautiful life lesson, the boy's clever father teaches him that the moon's brightness is directly linked to the good deeds that we do. Discover how this magical story unfolds for yourself, and let the bright moon always serve as a reminder to fill your heart with good deeds and be kinder

Our CSR Initiative

We are also doing our part in spreading goodness across Oman by continuing our long-standing partnership with Dar Al Atta. This year, we extend our house maintenance program, through which we extend support to 149 families. We will provide educational kits, including top-of-the-line tablets, subscriptions to academic online portals and platforms, and recharge cards to families that need them the most.

Inspire your kids to do good deeds too

Be sure to download our children's coloring book. It's the perfect bedtime story and coloring activity through which you can share this rich story and valuable life lesson with your kids.

Download it!

Waqf Al Noor.

Share the goodness with your loved ones through Waqf Al Noor. You can gift your loved ones an ongoing donation to Imam Jabir bin Zaid waqf Foundation. The donations will be reinvested to educational services and humanitarian causes.

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May goodness shine brighter and brighter
this Ramadan