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Lamsa App

Educational Services

Lamsa is an application that offers unique Arabic edutainment and interactive stories in a fun and interactive manner across multiple screens (iOS, Android). It is a fun and interactive application addressing the various needs and wants of children.

Children can enjoy content based on the following categories: Stories, coloring, media and fun.

Subscription Details

In order to subscribe, customer  shall send keyword “lamsa” to 91223.
Customer will receive an SMS to confirm his subscription and will receive links to download the app along with the Verification Code for his/her account.
Customer will press the links which will direct him to the app store to download Lamsa App, after that the user will enter his/her Verification Code inside the app to enjoy all Lamsa available content and features.

To unsub: end "unsub" to 91223

Tariff Details

Subscription fee is 300 Bz per week.

All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. 5% VAT will be added to the price upon purchase.